Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway

Secure Services Over HetNets

Secure the delivery of voice and data services from trusted, service-provider core networks through untrusted internet access to local femtocells, small cells, and Wi-Fi devices.

  • Wi-Fi Calling: Operating as an evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) in the 3GPPP I-WLAN architecture.

  • Wi-Fi Offload: Operating as a Trusted Wireless Access Gateway (TWAG) for trusted networks or evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) for untrusted networks.

  • Small Cells: Operating as a security gateway function of the 3G Home NodeB or 4G Home eNodeB.

Communications Mobile Security Gateway


  • Securely leverage Wi-Fi and the internet to supplement the macro RAN
  • Wi-Fi calling to address indoor voice coverage
  • Wi-Fi offload to mitigate macro network expansions
  • Femtocell support to address coverage and capacity

Communications Mobile Security Gateway


  • Cost effectively improve coverage and increase capacity
  • Address indoor coverage issues
  • Efficiently improve capacity in the macro RAN to serve more customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and decrease churn

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