Oracle Communications 5G Next Generation Core

5G Core Network Evolution

Oracle’s cloud-native, next-generation 5G core enables operators to design a robust and scalable core with best-in-class 5G network functions while offering flexible deployment options for operators’ journey from 4G to 5G.

  • Oracle 5G NGC is where more than 40 years of heritage in network experience meets cloud innovation to deliver highly secure, robust, and flexible 5G services.

Innovations in 5G Core SBA

Innovations in 5G Core

  • Enables operators to build a robust, service-based architecture (SBA) signaling framework
  • Provides solutions for 4G-5G interworking requirements
  • Assists operators with solutions for SBA congestion control and traffic prioritization
  • Innovative solutions in 5G NGC security and overload protection

5G Core: How to Get There

5G Core: How to Get There

  • Offer the 5G experience leveraging your 4G core
  • Get there earlier by using slices in nonstandard 5G deployments
  • Choose the right partner to help you address the challenges of the new 5G Service Based Architecture
  • Leverage the benefits of the cloud by offering E2E slice 5G services

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