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Oracle Digital Experience for Communications

Accelerate Your Digital Business

Develop a digital understanding of your customers and prospects, engage consistently via new digital channels, introduce new offer bundles across core communications and digital services to grow revenues, and operate in a simplified and automated digital manner–delivering the full digital experience across the concept to cash to care lifecycle.

  • Digital Profile based Personalization

  • Oracle’s Digital Experience for Communications

  • Creating Intelligent Offers

  • Capturing the Perfect Customer Order

Accelerating Digital Business Value

Accelerating Digital Business Value

  • Flexible, intuitive design of digital offerings
  • Omni-channel for consistent customer engagement through any channel of choice
  • Accurate order fulfillment with full status visibility into all channels
  • Agile monetization of innovative digital subscriptions, services, and consumption
  • Unassisted and assisted service through new and innovative channels

Rapidly Ideate, Design and Present New Offers

Rapidly Ideate, Design and Present New Offers

  • Customer insight-driven product ideation
  • Inherent use of AI to drive recommendation for increased offer uptake
  • Rapid design, launch and offer tailoring to targeted audiences and customer types
  • Intelligent offer driven targeting and personalized customer engagement

Easily Adopt Key Digital Innovations

Easily Adopt Key Digital Innovations

  • Digital profiles enable relevant, personalized, and timely market offers
  • Customer acquisition via social and digital marketing channels
  • Contextual, mobile-first customer engagement through digital channels
  • Cross-functional use of Analytics, AI, IoT, Bots
  • Continuous Innovation from the Oracle Cloud

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