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Devices Supply Chain Optimization

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With Oracle's Device Supply Chain Optimization solution for Communications, telcos can support consistent delivery of devices to their customers across all channels. Also, they can optimize deployment of working capital and reduce costs by getting full visibility across end-to-end processes, from planning, forecasting to inventory management, or from order to the delivery through transportation and logistics.

Key Benefits


Improve Consistency of Services Delivery

Communications companies obtain full visibility across the end-to-end process, from planning, forecasting to inventory management, from the order to the delivery through transportation and logistics. Since the demand planning process is integrated in this solution, any changes in customer uptake of a service or device will be reflected in planning and execution. The solution is designed to operate closely aligned with a customer's CX systems. That in turn increases confidence in being able to meet delivery schedules across all channels.


Optimizing Working Capital Requirement

Communications companies can use the devices supply chain solution as a tool to improve demand planning and to understand their actual inventory levels whenever they need them. Comparing them with forecasts, adjusting levels as needed, and optimizing their exposure to suit business requirements dynamically reduces the risk of overstock and outages, as well as obsolescence.


Improve Trust in Returns Processes

Returns processes often involve many more third parties than initial procurement does – repair specialists, refurbishment companies, logistics. Integrate repairs, returns, or buy-back workflows, complete with integrated logistics, to speed up in-store operations, decrease cost of the returns process, and ensure traceability of devices in process.

Featured Products

Devices Supply Chain Optimization Products

SCM Cloud

SCM Cloud is at the core of a modern, connected supply chain for devices. All relevant data can be leveraged for planning and execution processes, AI supports decision making, and collaboration tools streamline communications with suppliers and key stakeholders to accelerate procurement processes, detect and resolve issues as the arise. SCM cloud enables the end-to-end implementation of devices lifecycle processes. Ease of integration into on-prem and Cloud CX and Finance environments allows customers to improve their current devices SCM processes quickly. Oracle SCM Cloud is the only supply chain management solution that lets businesses build tomorrow’s supply chain today by managing the complex and demand-driven marketplace of the future. It provides you with a digital thread of end-to-end business technology that takes business beyond supply chain operations and into integrated business planning.

Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a class-leading tool that assists developing sophisticated demand models for devices. Analyze the data you already have across all locations to identify the factors that drive demand, model each individually in order to develop a parameter-driven forecast that allows ongoing review and updating for optimized procurement and execution decisions, thus reducing financial exposure. Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers business analysts and consumers with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing/generation.

Blockchain Cloud Platform

Oracle Blockchain Platform securely extends your business processes and applications while enabling you to process business transactions much faster. Blockchain is thus an invaluable tool to extend to third parties performing repair, refurbishment, or distribution services on devices being returned. A communications company will thus at all times know which device is where (tracking through returns process), who touched it for what and when (warranty transparency). This makes asset accounting easier through faster reporting about deployment status and value increases, improves customer experience through transparency, and allows flexible returns processes including third parties through smart contract applications.

Devices Supply Chain Optimization Resources

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Oracle's Supply Chain Optimization Solution for the communications industry delivers innovative and modern procurement and supply chain in the cloud. With capabilities that include product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced maintenance, integrated logistics, omni-channel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, Oracle SCM Cloud allows you to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility—all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation.

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