Oracle Prime Projects Cloud Service—Risk Management

Manage Project Risk to Improve Planning, Execution

Capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate project risk to avoid - delays or cost overruns and help ensure successful outcomes. Leverage both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses to drive project success.

Prime Projects mean impact charts provide visibility into which risks or uncertainty have the greatest impact to your projects and programs.


Manage Risks and Opportunities

The Prime Projects risk register provides a central location for identification, assessment, categorization, and monitoring of all project risk and opportunities.

  • Track potential risks and opportunities at both project and activity levels
  • Manage response plans to determine the best courses of action
  • View and analyze risk scores, probabilities, and thresholds for each individual risk or response item

Run Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulations

Use advanced Monte Carlo-based analysis to gain deeper understanding into the impact of potential risks and opportunities.

  • Incorporate schedule and risk data to produce histogram curves showing expected time and cost outcomes, and the probability of achieving each one
  • Include schedule uncertainty to provide greater visibility into potential outcomes
  • Analyze mean impact diagrams to determine risks and activities that have the greatest impact on a project’s schedule

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