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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions from Oracle

Protect the integrity of your financial institution and achieve compliance with the most effective and efficient suite of anti-money laundering software solutions.

On-demand webinar: Improving Compliance and Onboarding Through Seamless KYC
Chartis RiskTech® 2021

Category winner

Financial Crime—Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Chartis RiskTech

The Oracle Difference

Level the playing field and ensure a safer world with Oracle.


How Oracle Fights Financial Crime

See how Oracle helps identify “dirty money” generated from crimes like human trafficking.


Enhancing AML with Oracle

See how Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank is enhancing its AML with Oracle.

End-to-End Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Customer Due Diligence

Minimize risk while ensuring seamless customer service.

Identify money launderers and comply with CDD and KYC regulations over the entire customer lifecycle. Quickly and accurately assess risk and compare customers to global sanctions and watchlists. Onboard good customers quickly and seamlessly.

Transaction Monitoring

Detect money laundering more effectively.

At least $1.8 trillion in criminal proceeds are laundered every year. How much of it goes through your bank? Use Oracle to identify unusual customer behavior and suspicious money movements.


Boost the accuracy and efficiency of financial crime investigations.

AI-powered, enterprise-level investigation and case management can uncover criminal networks. Spend more time investigating truly suspicious activities instead of sifting through false positives.


Streamline reporting processes and keep costs down.

Generate and file SARs and STRs. Stay compliant with global AML reporting guidelines and regulations. Manage compliance faster and smarter with streamlined regulatory analytics and sound data integrity.

Cloud Service

Cloud-based anti-money laundering applications for midsized financial institutions.

Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management Cloud Service (FCCM Cloud Service) is an end-to-end AML application suite that keeps midsized financial institutions safe, compliant, and ready for business growth.

Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency at Scale with Oracle's Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

With the Financial Services Data Foundation, unite previously siloed internal data for a complete customer view, a streamlined financial crime compliance program, and lower costs. Reduce time spent on data gathering through robotic process automation. Run applications on your data lake and relational databases together, and perform batch and real-time analytics on one platform. Then, turn your compliance data into a competitive advantage by using it for customer analytics.

Traditional rules can’t evaluate the vast amount of context needed to accurately distinguish money launderers from good customers. By analyzing relationships among entities instead of just the entities themselves, graph analytics easily identifies complex money movement patterns, multi-hop relationships, and hubs and spokes of activity. This, in combination with entity resolution and advanced decisioning, powers greater accuracy, better case creation, and intuitive visualizations that enable better investigations.

Oracle AML and Financial Crime Compliance dates back to work begun in 1996 for the National Association of Securities Dealers. These capabilities eventually become Mantas, which was acquired by Oracle in 2006. Our clients benefit from our enterprise-grade, resilient architecture that easily integrates cutting-edge innovations with a comprehensive suite of software solutions for a streamlined compliance program at scale.

Anti-Money Laundering Guides


AML Compliance Modernization Guide

A guide for financial institutions to meet new AML requirements and embark on their AML program modernization journey.


Play Beyond the Rules: Fight Money Laundering with Graph Analytics

An essential guide for chief compliance officers to understand how to use graph analytics to improve AML program effectiveness and efficiency.

Featured Insights

Research and Commentary

Knowledge to help you build a better anti-money laundering program

Fighting Money Laundering in a Disrupted Global Environment

Fighting Money Laundering in a Disrupted Global Environment

John Edison, Global Head of Financial Crime and Compliance Management Products, Oracle Financial Services, explains how to fight financial crime as transaction volumes fluctuate, criminal schemes evolve, and new customers are onboarded quickly.

chartis report aml and watchlist monitoring

Oracle Recognized as Category Leader in 2020 Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® for AML Solutions and for KYC Solutions

Oracle was named a Category Leader in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® for both AML and KYC. Chartis rated the solutions highly as Oracle continued to invest in advanced analytics, improved visualization capabilities, enhanced investigations, wider partner coverage, and more.

How a Modern Anti-Money Laundering Program Can Drive Long-Term Success

How a Modern Anti-Money Laundering Program Can Drive Long-Term Success

Ready about the four components of a modern anti-money laundering program - a consolidated backend, unified data, advanced analytics, and improved operations. By modernizing their AML programs, Chief Compliance Officers can boost effectiveness and efficiency over the long term.

The Journey to Next-Generation Anti-Financial Crime

The Journey to Next-Generation Anti-Financial Crime

Garima Chaudhary, Financial Crime and Compliance Management Specialist, discusses the phases financial institutions go through as they incorporate advanced technologies into their anti-money laundering programs, and how to succeed at each step of this process.

What Happens When Financial Institutions Expand Their View of Money Laundering Risk

What Happens When Financial Institutions Expand Their View of Money Laundering Risk

Financial institutions are striving to boost efficiency across anti-money laundering programs by automating processes. However, they are constrained by ineffective risk scoring. Oracle advocates a multi-dimensional risk scoring approach, and John Edison shares more as he discusses this view with financial crime specialists.

Dawn of a New Era in AML Technology

Dawn of a New Era in AML Technology

Arin Ray, Senior Analyst at Celent, writes about the growing pains in anti-money laundering (AML) operations, potential opportunities gained by leveraging advanced analytics, and adoption trends and impact.

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An Industry Leader in Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

An Industry Leader in Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
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