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Empowering Banking and Insurance CFOs in the Age of Modern Finance

Insurance and banking CFOs need to deliver optimal outcomes in managing finance organizations and processes. They are also responsible for risk management in a way you dont see in other industries. Competition from non-traditional providers of banking and insurance services,’ some of which are leading technology innovators, adds to the urgency of an empowered CFO.

Go beyond the 360-degree view of customers

Better understand customer potential

Financial institutions are on a perpetual quest to capture as much of a customer’s business as possible. Many, however, take this journey without accurate insight into a customer short- and long-term potential.

Oracle Financial Services Customer Insight helps build success by enriching strategic customer insights.


Grow customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is eroding while new and emerging platforms like social media are influencing customer behavior. Financial institutions must attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Understanding customers and their preferences and managing business strategies efficiently are critical needs. Without the right analytics and reporting system at their fingertips, bank executives who rely on manual, time-consuming processes run the risk of making quick business decisions that are not data-driven.

Oracle Financial Services Customer Insight helps improve customer loyalty by tracking customer preferences and their activities.

Customer Analytics

Track customer performance across multiple channels

With brick-and-mortar financial institutions becoming a thing of the past and millennials lacking the loyalty of previous generations, it’s becoming more and more difficult for a bank to properly engage with their customers. Without timely and relevant data and knowledge about customer preferences, it is difficult to make informed marketing decisions.

Oracle Financial Services Customer Insight can help drive enhanced customer engagement with optimized investments in various communication channels.

Channel Analytics

Leverage sophisticated predictive analytics

Financial institutions need comprehensive and consistent performance metrics that enable them to better understand the value of customer relationships as well as gain insights into the changing profile and dynamics of customer interactions and profitability. Predictive analytics can assist in forming future strategies, campaigns, and activities based on historical data.

Oracle Financial Services Customer Insight leverages sophisticated predictive modeling techniques to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics
Watch and Learn

Leveraging Analytics for Business Transformation

Discover how banks can leverage data analytics for better decision-making and effective business insight.