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Allocate Components of Profitability Across Dimensions

Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management enables financial institutions to gain an enterprise-wide view of profitability drivers, risk-adjusted performance, and performance across multiple dimensions like product, channel, and individual customers. The solution is fully integrated with Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) and leverages a single, transparent data model and platform with the ability to share component building blocks across the various applications.

Oracle Financial Services Profitability Management Solutions


  • Multidimensional modeling and profitability analysis
  • Rich allocation features
  • Auditability with visual trace of allocation history
  • Customer profitability calculations, adjusted for risk
  • Unlimited attributes, hierarchies, and dimensions
  • Analyze and report profitability along any dimension
  • Deploy any costing methodology for any industry
  • Prioritize customers by value and profitability
  • Achieve the scale and performance needed to compute customer risk adjusted profitability
  • Easily understand how results were derived

Oracle Empowers CFOs Against Business Risks

Discover how quickly and effectively you can drive customer profitability amidst the global business threats and opportunities of today—using real-time analytics with Oracle Profitability Management solutions.

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Product Features

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Oracle Financial Services Institutional Performance Analytics

Track and Manage Organizational Efficiency

Oracle Financial Services Institutional Performance Analytics provides insights about institutional customer engagements and enhances the ability to stay abreast of the details and analytics surrounding a firm’s customers and their performance with the bank. This information helps a financial institution stay competitive and profitable in the marketplace, enabling growth driven by customer insights.

  • Utilize scenario analysis to enhance visibility of events on profitability
  • Proactively target customer segments through monitoring of behavioral trends and opportunity analysis
  • Track and manage partner developments and relationship management
  • Enterprise-wide reporting through conformed dimensions and consistent definitions and calculations

Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics

Identify the Most Profitable Customers, Products, and Organizations

Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics provides a robust solution that empowers the bank with adaptive, actionable insight. The application integrates data from bank and management ledgers with other allocated line items, such as expenses, to provide a comprehensive view of financial performance across multiple dimensions, including—but not limited to—product, line of business, geography, and organization. Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics delivers relevant information to meet the needs of each user across roles in the organization, from executives to business analysts.

  • Accurately identifies most profitable products, lines of businesses, organizations
  • Easy access to key management reports for better performance tracking
  • Empowers all users to access actionable profitability insight directly
  • Adapts to changing business needs by leveraging existing technology investments
  • Stores reporting values in multiple currencies as per the current transfer rates

Oracle Financial Services Retail Performance Analytics

Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Oracle Financial Services Retail Performance Analytics helps retail banking institutions gain deep insights into retail customer engagements across products, lines of business, and region. It helps analyze customer profitability across various segments and lines of business, ensuring business success and avoiding risky failures.

  • Perform enterprise-wide analysis across customer segments and products to monitor key performance indicators
  • Empower management with a top-down summary performance view and self-service capabilities
  • Leverage segment definitions, prebuilt reports, and dashboards for customer distribution
  • Advanced scenario analysis capabilities to forecast change in bank income

Oracle Financial Services Retail Customer Analytics

Drive Marketing Efficiency and Optimization

Oracle Financial Services Retail Customer Analytics helps retail banking institutions ensure that marketing dollars are invested wisely and the customers with the most potential to be profitable are targeted through the right channels. It gives retail banking institutions the ability to track marketing campaign success and provide senior management with actionable and timely reports.

  • Utilize sophisticated predictive models enhanced with big data that apply customer web behavior for analysis
  • Optimize campaigns with metrics, including responses and customer distribution across target segments
  • Utilize real-time offer recommendation functionality based on transaction behavior
  • Ensure targeted marketing with prebuilt cross-sell/upsell scores and propensity scores