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Reengineer Corporate Cash Management and Liquidity Management in Banking

With a good cash management solution in place, banks can help corporates manage their working capital effectively with accurate cash flow forecasting and efficient collection and receivable management while adhering to regulatory requirements. Enable banks to run a single, centralized liquidity management solution for digitally savvy corporate customers. The solution provides real-time, accurate, and consolidated information to manage liquidity across geographies.

Reengineer Corporate Cash Management

Solution Overview

  • Comprehensive support for payables, receivables, reconciliation, and cash flow forecasting
  • Empowers staff with intuitive dashboards for superior customer service
  • Stellar self-service capabilities that allow corporates to make transactions efficiently
  • Supports multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-subsidiary
  • A vast open API set for connected data and accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Microservices architecture helps extend business capabilities easily
  • Helps manage global cash effectively and comply with regulatory requirements

Product Features for Cash Management Solution

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Collection and Receivables Management

  • Minimize float time with comprehensive collections facility
  • Ensure faster settlements with superior AI-enabled invoice management
  • Reduce costs and errors with automated reconciliation
Collection and Receivables Management

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Forecast for specific periods
  • Forecast under various scenarios with flexible parameters
  • Enhance accuracy by leveraging connected data from API- enabled ecosystem
Cash Flow Forecasting

State of the Art Customer Experience

  • Stellar service capabilities for customers
  • Customize user experience with support for vast open APIs
  • Enable corporates to initiate transactions from corporate ERP systems
State of the Art Customer Experience


  • Meet changing business needs by extending application processing functions
  • Transform digital experience with user-experience extensions
  • Minimize functional changes with non-invasive extensions

Superior Pricing

  • Enhance customer experience with preferential-based pricing
  • Ensure profitable outcome with tiered, transaction volume, service, and ad hoc charges
Superior Pricing

Product Features for Liquidity Management Solution

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Comprehensive Sweeping Capabilities

  • Offers flexible sweep frequencies for better liquidity management in banking
  • Support for multilevel sweep structure helps improve cash visibility
  • Supports multiple cash concentration methods with reallocation flexibility
Comprehensive Sweeping Capabilities

Extensive Pooling Features

  • Support for multilevel pool structure helps calculate accurate interest
  • Multiple interest calculation methods enhance interest returns
  • Flexible forex engine aids in handling any currency as base currency for pooling
Extensive Pooling Features

Support for Hybrid Structures

  • Flexibility to define hybrid structures helps maintain credit and debit positions
  • Domestic and cross-border single and multi-currency hybrid structure for better control and visibility of liquidity
  • Supports hybrid structure with no limitation in the number of accounts and countries for easy liquidity management in banking
Support for Hybrid Structures