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Boost Revenue Assurance and Predictability

Curtail revenue leakage and enable traditional payment processors, card schemes, merchant acquirers, and business-to-business services to automate, control and execute pricing and billing operations efficiently across customer segments, geographies and lines of business on a single platform.

revenue management and billing for card and payment processors

Solution Overview

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing is an enterprise-level pricing and billing platform that is well-suited for various participants in the payments ecosystem including payment processors, card schemes, money transfer services and merchant acquirers. It offers end-to-end functionality throughout the value chain from merchant acquisition to merchant settlement with the flexibility to deploy on premise or software-as-a-service.

  • Use different pricing models: Interchange-plus, bundled pricing, and tiered pricing
  • Adjust price levels to take into account the margins, attrition data, and merchant industry type
  • Provides real-time visibility with chargeback monitoring
  • Manage entity AR/AP and sub-ledger through a single system
  • Streamline and automate processes with built-in approval workflows
  • Adaptable for setting-up service fees, incentives, rebates, commissions and subscriptions
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Product Features

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Price Plan Enforcement

  • Allows businesses to customize, plan and enforce different fee structures
  • Set-up fees such as one-time fee, recurring fee, transaction fee, merchant service fee, etc.
  • Capability for incentives/commission and residuals
  • Provides tailored pricing recommendations for each entity

Billing and Invoicing

  • Customize and automate merchant invoicing and billing
  • Generate bills in real-time, batch-mode, ad-hoc or user-defined basis
  • Supports flexibility for bill charges breakdown, billing cycles and billing hierarchy
  • Ensures entity is billed the same as the quoted price

Card Scheme Management

  • Supports any card-type (credit, debit, prepaid) under various card schemes
  • Devise various pricing methods such as basic interchange, interchange-plus, tiered, flat, subscription
  • Reward entities based on performance, relationship, calculate loyalty points and offer discounts
  • Pre-configured with existing scheme rules

Dispute Management

  • Perform rule-based filtering of chargeback cases based on the type of customers, industry, risk levels and monetary values
  • Apply flat-rate, percentage-based or tiered pricing structure for a chargeback fee
  • Define billing arrangements such as direct debit or added to the next billing cycle
  • Gain insights about the chargeback status via reports and dashboards

Settlement and Reconciliation

  • Initiate settlement on the defined date, in the specified currency, to the designated bank account
  • Define settlement instructions - gross or net settlement
  • Supported with workflow for the settlement process
  • Allow accounting and reconciliation post-settlement

Self-Service Dashboard

  • Access dashboards that give a quick view of entity transactions
  • Help to discover growth potential and identify opportunity areas
  • Supports systematic and operational decisions
  • Support simulation and generating profitability report

Built-in Approval Workflows

  • Configurable workflow for pricing proposal review and approvals
  • Supports several levels of approval and exceptions can be triggered based upon defined criteria
  • Sub-stages that do not require approvals can run in parallel
  • Prevents relationship managers from creating inaccurate pricing proposals

Agility and Business Control

  • Multifaceted business rules that are user-definable and can have pre-post processing actions
  • Define who and what to charge
  • Unlimited number of rules to map transactions under a variety of situations such as one-to-one, and many-to-many