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Oracle FLEXCUBE for Islamic Banking

Sharia-Compliant Islamic Banking Solution

Comprehensive solution for a wide range of Sharia-compliant Islamic financial instruments, including Mudarabah, Wadiah, Wakalah, Murabaha, Tawarruq, Ijarah, Musharakh, Sukuk, and Istisna.

FLEXCUBE for Islamic Banking

Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking Capabilities

Oracle FLEXCUBE for Islamic Banking facilitates and automates Sharia-compliant banking operations with multiple deployment models, including pure-play Islamic, Islamic window, and coexisting Islamic and conventional banking.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking Capabilities

Product Highlights

  • Compliant with Sharia laws, as well as AAOIFI regulatory requirements
  • Enables consistent customer experience by standardizing customer onboarding and supporting multiproduct origination
  • Enables IT staff to keep pace with the changing Islamic banking landscape using open development tools
  • Provides Sharia wealth management to customers
  • Enables banks to expand operations with multicurrency, multilingual, and multientity features

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