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Optimize Working Supply Chain Capital

Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance is a comprehensive, digitized, end-to-end solution that supports the full lifecycle of supply chain finance across receivables and payables, offering supplier- and buyer-centric financing.

Intelligent Supply Chain Finance
intelligent supply chain finance

Solution Overview

  • Supports a comprehensive bouquet of pre- and post-shipment supply chain finance products
  • Seamless counterparty onboarding
  • On-the-fly product configuration
  • Complete automation and straight-through processing (STP)
  • Manual and automated invoice and payment reconciliation
  • Machine learning-enabled automated reading of invoices
  • Real-time analytics and monitoring dashboards
  • Robust risk-management through hierarchical limit structure maintenance and unified view of receivables and payables
  • Real-time status updates and alert notifications

Product Features

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Unified and Comprehensive

  • Wide variety of financing options, including reverse factoring, supplier finance, payable finance, receivable, finance and more
  • Auto disbursement and liquidation basis preconfigured parameters
  • Auto reconciliation of outstanding invoices and finances with payments

Embedded Machine Learning

  • Automatic extraction of invoice data reduces manual effort and time
  • Manual enrichment/correction of data to further train the machine learning model
  • Split view of the invoice image and data captured
  • Automated funding of invoices basis pre-configured financing parameters

Automated Limits Management

  • Supports various limit types such as credit cover, concentrate, advance payment, invoice, finance, recourse and so on
  • Pool-based limits definition for effective limit utilization/sharing between two different entities
  • Insurance based limits configuration for managing default risk

Simplified Reconciliation

  • User-defined rules for reconciliation
  • Multiple reconciliation options — one-many, many-one, etc.
  • Invoice- and finance-payment reconciliation
  • Generic reconciliation configuration based on First-in, first-out (FIFO), Last in, first out (LIFO), Highest Amount, First Out (HAFO), Least Amount, First Out (LAFO) logic
  • Auto-liquidation of underlying finance post invoice reconciliation

Dashboards and Notifications

  • Real-time dashboards provide robust operational risk control
  • Email SMS notifications and customized reports for suppliers, buyers, and users in banks
  • Real-time, end-to-end visibility into status of receivables, payables, and linked finances