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Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine

Accelerate Speed to Market

Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine is a rules-based product configuration tool that enables carriers to achieve agile business practices. It externalizes rules and calculations across multiple policy administration systems and provides business users with a centralized place for rules and products.

  • Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine helps carriers to externalize rules and calculations across multiple administration systems.

  • Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine's easy-to-use user interface allows users to create, test and deploy complex rules as well as create products and underwriting logic without programming expertise.

  • Provides debugging editor for transactions and segment calculations for step-by-step run through of the change in math calculations during transaction processing.

Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine

Calculation Engine Benefits

  • Accelerates product development and speeds time to market
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by creating a single place for the carrier to maintain rules and products
  • Empowers users to make changes using business rules instead of programming language
  • Increases business agility through a highly flexible architecture that integrates with existing IT infrastructure

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