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National Security Regions

Oracle National Security Regions (ONSR) are Oracle Cloud regions that are secured to the highest level of US Government classification standards. Identical to full-scale Oracle Cloud Infrastructure commercial regions, ONSRs are built in secure facilities and only connected to secure US Government networks. Especially designed and built for the US Defense and Intelligence communities ONSRs support classified - Secret and Top-Secret workloads for United States Government customers, with associated accreditations (DoD Impact Level 6, ICD 503). Oracle Cloud brings full suite of Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Marketplace services, so agencies can choose the services they need for their missions. Completely isolated from internet, ONSRs are connected to only government-specified, isolated networks that meet relevant security classification.

Oracle National Security Regions

Protecting Secret and Top-Secret Workloads

Cloud regions secured to the highest level of US Government classification standards.

Optimized Cloud

Custom built with no CapEx investment, organizations choosing ONSR have flexibility in scaling, design, and operational controls. With flexible design and architecture agencies can set limits of transition of data, frequency and process of product updates, choose on-site or off-site Oracle Cloud support team, and level of compliance. Oracle Cloud team manages capacity planning in coordination with the organization to define phases of expansion as and when needed.

24/7 Secure Support

Supported and managed from securely managed dedicated customer operation centers, ONSRs are staffed with Oracle employees with the highest levels of US Government security clearance. ONSR regions are only accessed, monitored, and administered by cleared personnel.

Upholding Oracle’s industry-leading enterprise SLAs, the operation centers monitor the system and provide 24/7 customer support to resolve issues. The dedicated ticketing systems on the classified networks ensures secure incident management.

Network Connectivity

Oracle’s National Security Regions are completely isolated from both the internet and internal Oracle networks, and only connected to government-specified, isolated networks at the relevant security classification.

Cross-domain one-way “network diodes” are used to transfer data, such as software updates, from lower to higher-classification networks. Here no data leaves the classified enclave without customer permission.

Trusted Compliant Cloud

Every Oracle National Security Region is built to meet the highest level of US Government regulatory and compliance requirements specific to the classification level, including the highest forms of independent assurance available with respect to internal control, data protection, and regulatory compliance.

All ONSR services will be audited to meet either DoD Impact Level 6 or Intelligence Community Directive 503 requirements, as required.

Next-Generation Enterprise Cloud, Modernizing the Mission

Designed to enable and protect the world’s most sensitive data without the burden of installing and managing underlying infrastructure. Agencies large and small recognize the transformative power of Oracle Cloud to drive meaningful change in the way government works. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers over 50 cloud services, here we cover a few core offerings.



Fast and Scalable Compute Resources

From single-core virtual machines (VMs) all the way up to 64-core bare metal compute instances in large-scale clusters, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances offer massive scale for both traditional and cloud-native applications.


Dependable Cloud Storage Options

From blazing-fast local SSD to a durable and cost-effective archive, Oracle Cloud offers scalable and highly secure cloud storage options for all mission-critical data.

Access Management

Integrated governance and control

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) lets you control who has access to your cloud resources. Control what type of access a group of users have and to which specific resources. Run traditional enterprise apps along with cloud native apps, all on the same platform, reducing operational overhead and enabling direct connectivity between both types of workloads.


Autonomous Database and Exadata cloud

Easily build, scale, and secure Oracle databases with license included or Bring Your Own License (BYOL) pricing. Create databases on VMs, bare-metal instances, or Exadata instances. With OCI Database Service, use existing tools, RMAN, and the database CLI to manage the databases in the cloud the same way you manage them on-premises.


Networking Across Physical and Virtual Environments

Extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable and secure VCNs and connectivity services that offer predicable and consistent performance, isolation, and high availability.