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Classified Oracle Cloud for US National Security

Oracle National Security Regions (ONSRs) meet the highest level of US Government classification standards and are designed and built for the US DoD and Intelligence communities. The regions support and accelerate delivery of national security workloads at the US Classified, Secret, and Top-Secret levels. Completely isolated from the internet, these air-gapped regions securely provide IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and marketplace services, and enable mission owners to secure nation’s data, remove data silos, and innovate.

ONSR Cloud Marketplace—Partners preapproved by the customer.

Cloud designed to meet the needs of mission-critical applications

A purpose-built cloud optimized for scale, aligned with national security initiatives

ONSRs are aligned with the DoD for purpose requirements. Custom built with no CapEx investment, ONSR's provide flexibility in scaling, design, and operational controls. While the Oracle Cloud team manages capacity planning for expansions, agencies can set limits of transition of data, frequency, process of product updates, and level of compliance.

Secure and compliant staffing, network, and support

Unlike other public clouds, ONSRs are supported and managed from secure dedicated cloud network operation centers, which are only accessed, monitored, and administered by USG-cleared personnel. Upholding Oracle’s industry-leading enterprise SLAs, these centers monitor the system and provide 24/7 customer support to resolve issues, ensuring secure incident management.

Learn more about Oracle SLAs

Managing national security workloads classified at the US Secret and Top-Secret levels

Every Oracle National Security Region is built to meet the highest level of US Government regulations and compliance requirements specific to the classification level, including the highest forms of independent assurance available for internal control, data protection, and regulatory compliance. ONSRs are audited to meet DoD Impact Level 6 or Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 requirements, ICD 705, and other requirements as directed.

Protecting nation’s data across the cloud stack

National security data is the most strategic asset for the nation's highest offices. Protecting it from dynamic cyberthreats is a critical priority. Oracle’s cloud-augmented security portfolio is designed to detect, hunt, and kill cyberthreats automatically and provides centralized security configuration, posture management, and automated enforcement of security practices.

Rely on a mature, full-featured cloud to deliver strategic missions

Defense and intelligence agencies rely on secure, high-performance infrastructure to deliver insightful, timely, and actionable intelligence. Oracle Cloud is built to accelerate data- and processing-intensive workloads on unclassified and classified networks.

Comprehensive data strategy for data-driven decision making

Improving data management is critical to enhance a mission owner's ability to keep the nation safe, create operational efficiencies, and harness the power of data in real time at the tactical edge. Oracle provides a comprehensive database service for data management, automation, and data warehousing and analytics, enabling agencies to secure and access data and improve performance and availability.

Improving mission effectiveness with advance AI and data science

Emerging technologies like AI and cloud are expanding opportunities beyond military operations, enabling business and non combat-focused applications readiness. Oracle’s ready-to-build AI platform provides cloud services to build, deploy, and manage AI-powered solutions that help create an intelligent mission enterprise, automating operations and making smarter decisions.

Roving Edge Infrastructure: Delivering computing and storage at the edge.

Oracle Cloud compliance

Oracle National Security Regions support classified Secret and Top-Secret workloads for United States Government customers, with associated accreditations (DoD Impact Level 6, ICD 503)

Three ways the intelligence community benefits from choosing Oracle Cloud

Rand Waldron, Vice President, Program Management

Oracle offers everything, everywhere, and here’s what it means for intelligence community (IC) customers: All Oracle services are made available in every service region for a complete, sustainable, and innovative cloud solution.

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