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Empowering mHealth

Wearable sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are radically changing patient participation in clinical trials.

Health Sciences mHealth
Optimizing Mobile Innovation

Gathering real-world patient data from multiple sources anytime, anywhere.

Transforming Research and Patient Participation

Today, instead of inconvenient, time consuming, clinical-trial-monitoring site visits, a patient, wearing a connected mHealth device, can participate in a research study from the comfort of his or her own home. This new digital approach to clinical research is enabled by the Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service, which can acquire and transmit this real-world data to support real-time views of patient progress.

Optimizing an Internet of Clinical Things

Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service

Enabling Digital Trials at Scale
As a clinical trial participant, the patient wears a connected mHealth sensor with a unique identifier. The device remotely and continuously collects real-world patient data, such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and then sends the information, via Bluetooth, to the patient's mobile device. From there, the data is routed through Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service, an enterprise-class, highly secure, scalable, integration platform that aggregates, summarizes, and disseminates the targeted data into Oracle Health Sciences InForm or Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench (DMW).

Transforming Clinical Research

Enhancing R&D Insight

Aided by the use of mHealth devices routed through the Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service and into InForm and/or DMW, clinical trial professionals can view this real-world patient data at any time. This information offers researchers deep, additional insights into clinical trial progress, adverse events, and study outcomes for greater trial accuracy, more timely interventions, and enhanced study success.

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The future of mHealth

The Digitization of Clinical Trials Is Here!

In the very near future, mHealth devices and remote monitoring will become the standard for gathering clinical trial data. Soon, as mHealth becomes the dominant data collection channel for patients participating in research studies, a new class of digital therapies will emerge to monitor and manage patient conditions continuously, rather than offering treatment with just a pill.

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