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Agile Planning and Execution

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Oracle's Agile Planning and Execution solution provides real-time supply chain visibility, adaptive demand management, and responsible sales and operation planning, enabling companies to adapt quickly to changes in demand by adjusting production, distribution, and procurement.

Today's supply chains are complex, customers are looking for unique fulfillments, and the time to market is constantly shrinking. As manufacturers become more dependent on outsourced suppliers, any disruption in the supply chain will have significant impact on the company’s image and competitive standing. This makes real-time integrated business planning critical for business success.

Key Benefits


Align Business Strategy with Corporate Objectives

Industrial businesses are facing increased competition, commoditization, and globalization. They are also facing shorter product lifecycles and increasing pressure to introduce new product-as-a-service business models. To compete effectively, a company must evaluate its existing business strategy, compare with targets and industry best practices, and refine the strategy to meet company objectives.


Evaluate and Optimize Company-Wide Business Plans

Oracle’s Agile Planning and Execution solution enables a company to consider supply chain plans, financial projections associated with those plans, and strategic plans in a comprehensive manner such that industrial managers can optimize supply chain plans for better profitability and efficiency.


Enhance Visibility Across the Organization

With Oracle’s Agile Planning and Execution solution, managers can managers to manage complexity in their businesses by integrating strategic, financial, and operations plans in an integrated planning framework, and helps them to make proactive business decisions.

Featured Products

Agile Planning and Execution Products

SCM Cloud

Tomorrow's Supply Chain, Today

The modern supply chain is very noisy. Digital feedback is everywhere. Whether it is the voice of the customer through the internet, the voice of the factory through production or asset monitoring, or the voice of the product itself.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Reinvented

Simplify how you analyze and act on information so you can scale insights across your entire organization.


Tap into the World's Largest Focus Group

Deliver the best customer experience wherever and whenever your customers engage with you on social channels.

Mobile Hub

Simplify Enterprise Mobile

Quickly build, deploy, and manage mobile apps that connect to Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud or any third-party system, on premises or in the cloud.

In-Memory Cost Management Cloud

Maximize Revenue. Increase Profits.

With In-Memory Cost Management Cloud, define an enterprise-wide cost strategy, simulate unlimited what-if scenarios, and perform cost, margin, and profitability analyses—all in real time.

Agile Planning and Execution Resources

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated business planning solutions help you align financial and operations plans and make the best decisions to meet corporate goals. By developing a consensus operational plan and continuously monitoring key performance metrics, you can execute strategic decisions and ensure that the operating plan is working to deliver financial goals.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Improve supply chain performance with global, simultaneous capacity and material planning.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is now live with Oracle Cloud Integrated Business Planning.