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Deliver Anything-as-a-Service

Digital Service and Monetization

Most discrete manufacturing companies are on a path toward offering subscription-based consumption models. Oracle's Deliver Anything-as-a-Service solution helps these companies offer a spectrum of new business models ranging from subscriptions for consumables and services to products as a service.

It also lays the foundation necessary to provide an omni-channel experience, while providing the flexibility needed for these new revenue models.

Key Benefits


Reduce Costs

Automated chatbots help reduce costs by delivering services and handling basic tasks without live agent escalation, and providing a faster time to market with in-service product performance feedback.


Focus on Your Target Segment

Connect and analyze the attributes and activities of your target customers and prospects, engaging and nurturing them along the purchase path.

Featured Products

Deliver Anything-as-a-Service

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Service Cloud

Delight Your Customers with Service Cloud

Differentiate your brand by developing lasting, profitable relationships with unified web, social, and contact center experiences.

Deliver Anything-as-a-Service Resources

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The As-A-Service' Model Requires a Strategic Approach to Monetization

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Accenture: Connected for Change—from Products to As-a-Service

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