Oracle High Technology Industry Solution—Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Today’s supply chains are complex, customers are looking for unique fulfillments and the time to market is shrinking constantly. As manufacturers are more dependent on outsourced suppliers, any disruption in the supply chain will have significant impact on the company image and competitive standing. Thus, real time integrated business planning is critical for business success. Oracle’s Digital Supply Chain with Integrated Business Planning (IBP) industry solutions provides real time supply chain visibility, adaptive demand management, responsible Sales and Operation Planning and helps a company to adapt quickly to changes in the demand by adjusting production, distribution and procurement.

Oracle Digital Supply Chain with IBP industry solutions platform consists of Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise and 3rd party enterprise systems.

  • Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud for digital supply chains
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise to add always-on mobility to the planning process
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud for supply chain metrics and dashboards.
  • Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud for market sentiment analysis.
  • In-memory cost management Cloud for product cost optimization

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