Sports and Entertainment Solutions

Oracle Hospitality for Sports and Entertainment Solutions

Complex Venue Management

Venue-specific technology tailored to enable maximum efficiency, minimize waste, and enhance the guest experience.

Robust Venue Management Solutions

Oracle Hospitality delivers a robust and reliable technology platform capable of catering to tens of thousands of fans at exceptional speed, even during high-volume periods. Managing an entertainment operation is not an easy feat, but Oracle's integrated technology platform can simplify complex venue management tasks to allow operators more time to focus on the guest experience.

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Cloud Solutions

Simplify venue management with a resilient, centralized, cloud-based technology system.

Cloud-based, point-of-sale solutions enable flexible and centralized venue management for added versatility, lower cost of ownership, and faster updates, while retaining essential system resiliency.

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Concessions, Restaurants, and Premium Services

Deliver a quality product consistently, efficiently, and at record speeds.

Enhance fan satisfaction by offering quality food and beverage, while optimizing operational efficiency, accelerating speed of service, and increasing sales and inventory reconciliation accuracy.

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Suites Management and Catering

Provide superior guest service by streamlining ordering processes and business operations.

Ensure timely delivery of advance and real-time orders while giving your guests the premium experience they expect.

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Optimize retail operations while keeping track of time-specific sales.

Give your guests the ultimate shopping experience with instant coupons and cashless payment, all while tracking real-time sales.

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Back Office

Tightly manage operations while building stronger customer relationships.

Streamline managerial tasks and leverage real-time business intelligence to increase revenue and boost customer loyalty—on-premises or in the cloud.

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Redefine the fan experience.

Oracle Hospitality's mobile and tablet devices enable you to increase order accuracy, improve speed of service, and engage your fans from virtually anywhere.

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Superior durability for a demanding environment.

Oracle Hospitality’s venue-management hardware is rugged and spill-resistant, as well as easy to install, support, and use.


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