Oracle in the Industrial Products and Components Industry

Industrial products and components manufacturers worldwide use Oracle Cloud to bring profitable new products to market, grow efficiently through acquisition and geographic expansion, run efficient, flexible supply chains, and respond quickly and effectively to customer needs by providing solutions, not just products.

  • Bring profitable new products to market using a centralized repository of product and project information, as well as tools that enable secure collaboration
  • Gain greater visibility into demand and supply and improve the precision of order processes
  • Improve demand predictability, minimize inventory costs, and develop a single, holistic supply chain plan
  • Move from push- to pull-based production with complete mixed-mode capabilities, including tools to manage outsourced, in-house, and hybrid models
  • Respond quickly and effectively to customer needs using seamless, cost-efficient multichannel support based on a single, robust platform
  • Manage field service, depot repair, inventory and spares, call centers, and more with tools to ensure profitability and prevent contract leakage

Oracle in the Industrial Products and Components Industry Features

Why Oracle?


  • Competition is growing, margins are decreasing, and design is becoming more complex—making time to market and efficiency more important than ever
  • Downward price pressures compel differentiation through accuracy and precision in the order promising and fulfillment processes
  • Flexible manufacturing and supply chain planning systems help improve demand predictability, minimize inventory costs, and unify supply chains
  • Seamless multichannel support and a global platform for customer, product, and contract information are critical in a market where customer service means everything

Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation and Boost Brand Equity in the Cloud

  • Accelerate innovation and time to market
  • Improve design and engineering collaboration
  • Maximize brand equity with deep customer and business insight

Drive Growth

Drive Growth through Customer-Centric Processes in the Cloud

  • Simplify order capture and fulfillment of increasingly complex products
  • Improve channel performance through lead management, order management, and partner collaboration
  • Maximize spare parts revenue and deliver superior installation and overall services


Optimize Supply Chain Performance in the Cloud

  • Respond more rapidly and accurately to demand changes in an increasingly complex global supply chain
  • Optimize material and production resources globally
  • Reduce logistics cost while Improving on-time delivery

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue and Margin Growth through Service Transformation in the Cloud

  • Bundle product and service offerings, and improve performance of service-level agreements
  • Expand and automate service delivery capabilities
  • Transform service operations into customer-centric profit centers