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CSL Behring Trusts Oracle Argus for Pharmacovigilance

Oracle Argus is the market-leading solution for processing, analyzing, and reporting adverse event cases originating in pre- and post-market drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, and combination products. See why Richard L. Wolf, senior director of global clinical safety and pharmacovigilance at CSL Behring, considers Oracle Argus state of the art and best in class for managing medicinal product safety.

Key Features

Safety Case Management

  • Compliance with global regulations and standards
  • Lower cost and complexity through SaaS deployment
  • Efficient case processing via automations and ease of use
  • Powerful, extensible, and user-friendly analytics and reports
  • Single global database that includes Japan cases and user interface
  • Configurability avoids customization and lowers total cost of ownership
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Argus in Oracle Health Sciences Safety Cloud

GSK Moved from Homegrown Safety System to Oracle Argus

Raymond Kassekert, director of Pharmacovigilance Application Development and Support at GSK, desribes how GSK migrated their legacy homegrown systems to a single, global, Oracle Argus safety database and minimized their exposure to regulatory risk.