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Oracle Health Sciences Connect—North America

March 23–24, 2021 | 1:00 p.m. ET

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Why attend Oracle Health Sciences Connect?

With programs specifically developed for Oracle’s regional customer communities, this multifaceted event provides compelling sessions led by Oracle customers and industry thought leaders.

Meet with your peers and gain perspective on industry trends from leading experts on artificial intelligence, cloud-based research, innovative study-site selection/activation/analytics, and additional advances that are transforming and streamlining clinical development.


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The Forces of Change: From Passenger to Driver’s Seat

Has the global pandemic disrupted our journey or cleared the path for us in advancing clinical research? Hear from Oracle Health Sciences SVP and General Manager, Henry McNamara, as he explores the answer to this question.

  • Henry McNamara

    Oracle Health Sciences SVP and GM

Clinical One/Safety One Roadmap/Update

This session will provide an update on both Clinical One and Safety One from both a usage and directional viewpoint. A review of the roadmap and new innovation in both platforms will be covered along with the latest breakthrough on how the One platform is rethinking how to run clinical trials.

Next Generation Trial Management

Panel session discussing next generation Clinical Trial Management needs and how sponsors and CROs can collaborate on trial management and oversight within the same platform, eliminating data redundancy, integrations and status reporting needs.

The Safety One Evolution

Hear our latest strategy to evolve our suite of safety products (Argus, Empirica, and Safety One Intake) to modernize the industry-leading safety applications and bring them closer to Clinical One to form one source of truth across clinical and safety.

Oracle Study Startup: Revolutionizing Study Planning with Machine Learning

This session will spotlight key features of machine learning that are driving effective study planning.

Success with Clinical One—A Customer Perspective

Hear from customers on their experience and innovations utilizing the Clinical One platform for Randomization and Data Collection capabilities; including best practices, time savings and adoption methods for onboarding the platform.

AI for Case Processing - Progress Made, Lessons Learned, and the Path Forward

In this panel session, hear from colleagues who have been working on Artificial Intelligence projects around case processing and get their insights on the progress the industry is making, what we have learned, and what they think about the path forward.

End-to-End Study Build Acceleration

Hear from study build experts with experience across multiple solutions such as EDC, DMW, and SAS. Discussion will include current challenges, impact of standards, and potential existing and future solution options, including MDRs and a platform-level designer for Clinical One.

Modernization of Site Contracting Using Innovative Technologies, Including Activate

Innovative technologies, including the customization of Activate workflows and the use of Activate data in a document residency dashboard, has resulted in an increase in efficiency and quality, and a reduction of cycle times for PPD Study Start Up.


Clinical Data Management: Glimpse of the Future

With the ever increasing volume and complexity of data in clinical trials, there has been an evolution of data management towards data science. In this fireside chat, Pfizer's Demetris Zambas will discuss the challenges they are facing and their vision for data management in the future, including the impact on people, processes, and technology.

AI for Case Intake - Safety One Intake

Safety One Intake brings machine learning to high-volume case processing, allowing customers to focus human efforts on high-impact activities rather than case intake. Join us to hear about the latest updates and for a brief demo.

Diversity: The Race to Innovate

In the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer departed from traditional clinical development strategies and strove to demolish healthcare disparities and be more inclusive. As a result, the impact on the organization has led to a major paradigm shift in site intelligence, its data and approaches implemented to achieve greater inclusivity. We discuss the approaches implemented at Pfizer and how site intelligence adapted its model to technology to lead in the race for inclusivity.

How #NoGoingBack Might Apply to PV Initiatives

In the race to develop safe and effective therapies and vaccines for COVID-19, companies innovated to accelerate bringing products to market. In this session, we will explore what we learned from this global effort and apply it to PV initiatives from now on.

Defining a Pragmatic Approach to Implement AI and ML in Clinical Development

In this session, Pfizer will review the pragmatic journey of AI/ML implementation in Clinical development, implementation through investments and how to embrace and capitalize with AI/ML with the Oracle partner ecosystem.

Industry Perspective on the Future of PV

Join us for a discussion about the future of pharmacovigilance operations and systems.

Regenerative Medicine: New Advances for Healthcare

You will hear from a world-renowned bioengineer, surgeon, and investor focusing on the science of regenerative medicine, a practice that aims to refurbish diseased or damaged tissue using the body's own healthy cells. Regenerative medicine repairs and replaces damaged tissues and organs by bioprinting either entire or partial tissues and organs. These miniaturized organs, or organoids, can be engineered to create microphysiological systems and unleash new advances for drug development. These organoid systems can generate critical data to generate insights in drug toxicity, disease modeling, biomarker discovery/validation, and personalized medicine.

  • Dr. Anthony Atala

    W.H. Boyce Professor and Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Making Life Better: What Drives the “Fair and Effective” Vaccine Delivery?

March 30, 2020 set the USA on a path of partnership between federal agencies and private firms to develop, manufacture and distribute COVID-19 vaccines to patients more rapidly while adhering to standards for safety and efficacy. Tune in to hear the impact technology had on the effort to make sure that the logistics are in place for the various jurisdictions.

Advancing Science: Real World Data Driving Pandemic Actions

Keeping pace with real-world health events requires providing the necessary data to decision makers. This panel will reveal how this is repeatedly accomplished so rapidly across the USA amidst diverse environments, processes and systems.

Orchestrating the Data Flow for Unified eClinical Analytics

Exploring real-time data flows from all systems providing data sources for each study and modern technologies to deliver Unified eClinical Analytics to do away with traditional siloed analysis views of the Data Sources.

Regulatory Updates for Safety

Our Regulations and Audits Working Group stays on top of all of the regulatory impacts facing our customers. In this session, we will present the latest updates for the North American region and global regulators.

Connecting the Clinical Research Ecosystem

From Recruitment to Submission, clinical trials require a myriad of suppliers and service providers. Digitally connecting this broad ecosystem provides major opportunities to enhance, extend and optimize today's processes. Hear from key players in the ecosystem.

Argus Product Updates

In this session, we will take a closer look at near-term updates coming to Argus to meet regulatory needs and evolve its feature set.

Oracle Site Activate Implementation Update Drives ROI

Revised activation strategy implementation to improve SSU outcomes within a mid-size CRO in key therapeutics areas and specialty study types.

Safety One Argus Next Gen Evolution

With a significant effort to evolve to Safety One Argus, join us as we share the effort's approach and progress and how customers can engage deeply to ensure we meet your needs with our next-generation case management system.

Unified Platform Integration with Select & Activate APIs

CSL to present on their implementation of Select and Activate integration with CTMS & eTMF through a comprehensive integration layer, resulting in end-to-end automated syncing of activities and documents from start-up to closeout.


The Unified Platform: The Essential Approach

This session will review the differences between a unified platform and an integrated eClinical platform in detail and why a unified platform brings greater quality and innovation to both the front end and back end office.

Decentralized Trials - No Going Back

Decentralized trials are fast becoming the new norm. This session will explore decentralized trials and the impact on Patients, Sites and Sponsors as well as examine how can we simplify adoption, and maximize this new approach to accelerate research.

End-to-End Data: Moving from Flow to Unification

This session will showcase the benefits of a unified approach for managing and streamlining your data.

A Journey to the Argus Cloud

With a growing number of customers adopting the Argus Safety Cloud, join us as we share their journey, including reasons for making a move, lessons learned, and how things are working now that they use the system.

Improving Signaling Workflow with Empirica

With Empirica Signal and Topics 9.x bringing significant UX enhancements, this session will focus on the benefits customers see in the latest releases.

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