Intelligent Media Management

Oracle's complete, end-to-end solutions enable media organizations to maximize the value of digital content.

Designed for the Convergence of Broadcast and Broadband

Oracle’s media and entertainment solutions provide best-in-class performance and efficiency for transcoding, digital animation rendering, streaming media, and active archiving. Oracle technologies enable companies to maximize the value of archived digital content, profit from big data and customer analytics, create new digital revenue streams, and deliver personalized content to consumers.

Media and Entertainment Benefits

Oracle’s Oracle's best-in-class industry solutions address complex business needs and processes relevant to your industry, enabling you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.



High-performance, low-latency storage

  • Create stunning 2K and 4K visual effects for your next blockbuster movie with over 6000 render farm servers connected to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and realize extreme efficiency benefits
  • Achieve superior viewer experience with uninterrupted streaming video and get up to 46,000 SD streams with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

#1 in content storage management

  • Oracle DIVA is the global leader in content storage management solutions for preserving, managing, and protecting media content
  • Operating on-premises and in the cloud, purpose-built software employs the latest technologies to deliver truly flexible and scalable media workflows

#1 in digital archive storage

  • With the world's highest-capacity and fastest digital tape drives, including the world's first exabyte storage system, Oracle StorageTek digital tape systems enable broadcasters to maximize the value of archived digital content and lower storage costs for HD, 4K, and 6K+ video assets

#1 in media cloud

  • Provides an integrated, private-cloud storage solution for managing assets on a global scale from any device and any networked location

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