Media and Entertainment Solutions

Oracle DIVA Content Storage Management

Keeping Content Safe, Making it Accessible

Oracle DIVA Content Storage Management bridges the gap between the proprietary applications in your process and data archives, creating a cohesive content storage management solution that ensures smart storage and easy asset access.

Oracle DIVA Cloud Service

The Safety and Confidence You Need

Oracle DIVA Cloud Service is a natural phase in the functional evolution of Oracle DIVArchive. All the features that make Oracle DIVArchive the leading solution for migrating, managing, and marketing your content are found in Oracle DIVA Cloud Service—and moving to the cloud provides additional advantages.

Oracle DIVA 150c

Start Small and Simply Scale

DIVA 150c combines Oracle DIVA, the number-one CSM solution, with Oracle StorageTek SL150, the leading entry archive hardware, to create the most scalable entry-level storage solution.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Application-Engineered Storage

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers leading performance and superior efficiency in enterprise-class, network-attached storage (NAS) environments, accelerating business functions and reducing complexity.

Oracle Tape Storage

Reduce Backup Windows, Maximize Data Access, and Lower Costs

With the world's highest-capacity and performance drives, including the industry’s first exabyte storage system, enterprise-tape libraries that provide 24x7 availability, and the most scalable, integrated, tiered, storage environment, Oracle StorageTek systems enable you to reduce backup windows, maximize archive access, and lower costs.

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