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Improving Citizen Health and Welfare through Technology

Government agencies must be prepared to meet the health and welfare challenges facing their constituents, from easy access to Medicare and Medicaid to public-assistance programs that meet basic nutritional and educational needs. Oracle's government health solutions can help agencies meet these challenges.


Oracle Government Health Solutions

The high cost of healthcare delivery continues to push demand for IT solutions that promise administrative and cost efficiencies, while offering multichannel access to these services to every citizen. Inadequate budget, siloed public health programs, and outdated systems are roadblocks for many agencies seeking to reach out to citizens with digital, personalized solutions.

Modernizing Health IT

Federal funding requirements and interagency objectives have propelled agencies to move forward with data sharing initiatives. Individual jurisdictional systems must be able to talk to one another, and ensure that data can easily move across these systems. Health IT solutions' are needed to streamline administration and reduce costs, to manage both care and care givers and support data sharing. For many states, the way forward is an incremental path of modernization.

Oracle offers flexible deployment options such as all cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud solutions to help agencies modernize their legacy enterprise information systems. With a commitment to open standards, compliance with existing federal and state regulations, and seamless integration, Oracle offers a variety of modular commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) that work across HHS agencies, and can be implemented through a network of vendor partners, one module at a time.

Responding to the Opioid Crisis

Every day, ninety-one Americans die from opioid overdoses, with victims coming from all walks of life. Government at the state and local level are seeking ways to mitigate this crisis that is destroying families, burdening law enforcement agencies and impacting the lives of children abandoned by their addicted parents.

Although there is not one single solution to curb this problem, states are using technology solutions to bring assistance to those who need it the most. Health Resources in Action (HRIA) has partnered with Oracle to operate the Substance Abuse Information and Referral Helpline and website, providing information and referrals on substance abuse prevention and treatment resources in the state of Massachusetts. Powered by Oracle Service Cloud, this solution has handled over 23,000 calls and 147,000 web visits in 2017, providing personalized content and dynamic assessments.

Keeping the Pulse on At-Risk Youth

Many public sector entities are seeking ways to assist at-risk youth and shattered families seeking foster care and residential treatment solutions. Oracle has provided the cloud infrastructure for Helix Business Solutions and MDeD, who have developed a modernized trauma-informed approach to bring more effective and efficient care to child welfare and juvenile justice.

Powered by Oracle Service Cloud, the VitalChild solution turns laptops and smartphones into real-time mobile insights-driven organizers designed to align with new CCWIS rules.

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