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Government at Cloud Speed

Advances in cloud computing have opened the doors to state and city governments, enabling complete, cohesive, IT solutions for forward-thinking agency leaders and their constituents. Government agencies across the nation look to Oracle to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree set of solutions to help meet present-day challenges and unforeseen future needs.

A Blueprint for Modernization

Amplifying Democracy Through Technology

Cloud infrastructure

The cloud lets agencies easily reduce costs and free up resources to develop and deploy applications that matter, with up-to-date security.

Las Vegas Sets Future Vision with Oracle Analytics Cloud

The City of Las Vegas is using the power of analytics to help detect unnecessary 911 calls.

A Texas-Size Move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The state of Texas required an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to migrate their PeopleSoft applications to the cloud.

Meet your back-office mates

When finance, procurement, and HR systems run in the cloud, agencies are poised for innovation and increased citizen engagement.

Grow Local Government

Any size city or county can modernize quickly with an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

Launch a Springboard for Government Agility

  • Plan for today while preparing for the future
  • Attract a new generation of employees to serve government
  • Grow the talent of your staff

Smarter, connected government

By integrating evolving technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), government can foster a vibrant business climate.

A Gateway to Prosperity

A city with a full spectrum of digital capabilities provides an open door for economic development. Oracle’s Community Development solution streamlines the inspection, permitting, planning, and zoning process.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Drug overdoses claimed more than 72,000 lives in 2017. States are taking action by using technology to spark creative solutions to this widespread problem.

Oracle is helping to power a more personalized experience for hotlines and substance abuse contact centers.

A better tomorrow, today

Using the power of analytics and AI, governments can solve some of society’s toughest problems.

When Bees Thrive, We Survive: The World Bee Project

The World Bee Project uses Oracle Cloud to study bee behavior using sound acoustics, which can uncover health threats and help save the bees.


Torrents of data form the foundation for predictive analytics to inform and improve government services.

Find out how San Joaquin County in California gained new insights into local programs, from employee HR budgets to solving the homelessness issue.

A Complete Government

Oracle Government 360 is a strategy for ongoing government modernization, a blueprint that encompasses a modern, secure infrastructure and widespread automation and mobility, aligned with government policy. Government 360 provides always-on availability through multiple channels and data-driven insights gathered via machine learning and predictive analytics. These digital touchpoints can create a circle of citizen engagement, constituent service, private business productivity, and civic mission.

Customer Successes

State and Local Customer Success Stories

City of Memphis logo

The City of Memphis Innovates with HR in the Cloud


City of Memphis

The City of Memphis moved from an on-premises solution to Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.

City of San Jose logo

City of San Jose Services Citizens Better with Oracle Cloud


City of San Jose

The City of San Jose’s mayor and team explain why leveraging Oracle Cloud technology improves employee efficiency and serves their community better through innovation. Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud help to create next level of service.

Albuquerque Invests logo

Albuquerque Invests in Next-Generation Citizen Experiences


Albuquerque Invests

Hear city management explain why the Albuquerque customer experience must be top-notch and how the city is adding innovative new channels for their 311 contact center.

New York logo

New York Uses Data to Transform Healthcare Delivery


New York

New York not only needed data, but also the ability to glean valuable patient insights from that data, to help pinpoint risks and inform care decisions to meet the goal of reducing avoidable hospital visits by 25 percent over five years.


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