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Oracle Retail Insights Cloud Service Suite

  • Connect users to the real-time information they need for detailed analysis of business critical KPIs via Oracle Retail Home.

  • Senior executive, merchants, marketers, store managers, data scientists, and everyone in between gain immediate customer insights with packaged dashboards.

  • Explore and visualize your data and gain analytical synergies with mashups between governed retail-insights data and external data such as flat files, etc.

  • Embedded machine learning continually improves customer segmentation, store clusters, item affinities, assortment optimization, and more.

Comprehensive and Science-Driven Retail Analytics

Comprehensive and Science-Driven Retail Analytics

  • Inform decisions across the retail enterprise with insightful dashboards and intuitive tools to exploit the analytical value of your data
  • Increase inventory productivity with a view of sales and profit contribution by division across the organization
  • Understand what compels customers to buy at each stage of their journey and take actions to drive conversions
  • Accelerate business performance with purpose-built retail science apps for business users and data scientists alike

Retail Insights Suite Features

  • Retail Home

    Your single access point to the Oracle Retail Insights Suite. Retail Home simplifies user interactions with the data and applications most relevant to their roles and empowers users to take informed actions with real-time insights.

  • Merchandising Insights Cloud Service

    A powerful, flexible, mobile-enabled solution that provides data-driven and science-powered insights into a retailer’s merchandising performance. Make more informed decisions, execute with confidence, and know that you are positively impacting the top and bottom lines.

  • Customer Insights Cloud Service

    Gain a better understanding of who your customers are, how they behave and why, so you can make intelligent product and promotion decisions. Leverage complete visibility into what motivates customers at each stage of their journey and how they are interacting with your brand across all touchpoints.

  • Retail Science Platform

    Retail business users can conduct advanced analyses to better understand and optimize affinity, store clustering, customer segmentation, consumer decision trees, demand transference, and item attributes. Business analysts and data science teams can leverage innovation workbench for additional ad hoc analysis.

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