Oracle Retail Macro Space Management

Improve Space Management and Utilization

Optimize retail space for maximum profitability. Improve space management and utilization, and gain a better return on your investment. Execute and publish floor-plan and planogram changes across multiple stores.

  • 3D virtual store walkthrough capabilities enable store layouts and signage to be validated from a customer perspective.

Oracle Retail Macro Space Management

Manage the Lifecycle of Your Floor Plans

  • Execute store-specific floor plans and manage the floor-plan and planogram life cycles in one easy process
  • Model the store in 3-D to create a new photo-realistic environment, eliminating the time-consuming process of mocking up aisles
  • Maximize space profitability by analyzing performance, that is, sales per square foot, through integrated financial data
  • Integrate with Oracle Retail In-Store Space Collaboration to enable real-time merchandising collaboration between headquarters and stores

Related Solutions

  • Oracle Retail Macro Space Optimization

    Dynamic recommendations enable you to allocate optimal space to departments, categories, and sub-categories or planograms while maximizing overall sales and profits.

  • Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization

    Maximize revenues and margins through an insight-driven understanding of the most optimal everyday pricing. Everyday price recommendations are based on predictive demand forecasts and optimization routines, considering cross-category and market basket effects.

  • Oracle Retail Category Management Planning and Optimization

    Consolidate multiple data sources into an easy-to-consume format, gaining actionable insights and recommendations to drive customer-centric and targeted assortments.

  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning

    Identify opportunities for more profitable inventory investments while ensuring day-to-day decisions align with business objectives. Best-practice retail processes guide detailed financial planning with the flexible choice of deployment via the cloud or on premises.

  • Oracle Retail In-Store Space Collaboration

    Provide store-level personnel and vendor partners the ability to manage the merchandising environment-from floor plan design to planogram maintenance, improving compliance.

  • Oracle Retail Assortment and Space Optimization Cloud Service

    Optimize in-store assortments for available space to maximize planogram performance, return-on-space, sales, revenue, and profits, while improving customer satisfaction.

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