Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization Learning Subscription

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Engage with Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization Learning Subscription and maximize your planning and optimization solution investment with an all-new, modern learning experience.

  • Getting started: Start your journey with on-demand planning and optimization tools and practices.

  • Your products: See the benefits, features, and value your planning and optimization products deliver to your business.

  • Stay current: Get up to speed on the most recent version enhancements and modifications of your products.

  • Your role: Take advantage of the functionality and support of your planning and optimization solutions.

  • Your resources: Drive your success by diving deep into best practices and implementation considerations.

Empowered Workforce

Empowered Workforce

  • Speed time to value with on-demand digital learning
  • Enable a successful transition to Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions
  • Build individual competencies that maximize usage of your solutions
  • Optimize user knowledge by continually refreshing product skills
  • Deliver a self-paced learning guide to help new employees gain proficiency
  • Own 12 months of 24/7 access to a comprehensive set of high-quality videos delivered by Oracle experts
  • Engage in detailed micro-lessons and step-by-step demonstrations
  • Receive continuous updates of new features and product enhancements

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  • Oracle Retail Item Planning

    Gain visibility into purchases, inventories, and profit throughout an item's lifecycle to maximize sales and minimize the overstocks that drain revenue and profit. Best-practice retail processes guide detailed planning with the flexible choice of deployment via the cloud or on premises.

  • Oracle Retail Assortment Planning

    Align assortments using a highly visual, end-to-end workflow. Define and execute local market and microsite assortments, improve conversion of traffic into higher sales/margins, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning

    Identify opportunities for more profitable inventory investments while ensuring day-to-day decisions align with business objectives. Best-practice retail processes guide detailed financial planning with the flexible choice of deployment via the cloud or on premises.

  • Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization

    Maximize revenues and margins through an insight-driven understanding of the most optimal everyday pricing. Everyday price recommendations are based on predictive demand forecasts and optimization routines, and consider cross-category and market basket effects.

  • Oracle Retail Category Management Planning and Optimization

    Consolidate multiple data sources into an easy-to-consume format, gaining actionable insights and recommendations to drive customer-centric and targeted assortments.

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