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Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service

Quickly identify suspicious trends, transactions, and other data anomalies and make informed decisions with easy user access, exception management, dynamic functionality, and forensic analysis.

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Protect profits with actionable insight

Exception-based reporting

Respond to transaction irregularities

Enable users to respond to store, cashier, and even transaction irregularities. Exceptions are identified, tracked, and managed from inception through resolution, and details can be extracted within seconds.

Resolve operational problems and reduce costs

Identify policy violations and training issues to resolve operational problems. Reduce operating costs through efficient, auto-distributed alerts and reports on sustained financial impact by creating healthy loss-prevention awareness across the chain.

Multidimensional analyses for complex business

Quickly navigate data layers to get to the root cause of exception activity. Powerful reporting utilizes dynamic prompts that can produce many different analyses from a single report.

Flexible structure allows for customizable reports

Tweak existing reports or create new reports from scratch. They are built from objects rather than tables and fields, using either a drag-and-drop design or step-by-step, guided report wizards. With either method, users can easily create reports independently without technical expertise or IT resources.

Machine learning identifies data anomalies

Leverage machine learning

Leveraging the power of Oracle Retail Science machine learning, the loss prevention professional detects fraud by bringing data anomalies to light. The dynamic functionality and forensic analysis help retailers make more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to business questions to protect the bottom line.

Data-import wizards

Integrate with third-party case management to improve caseload workflow. Data-import wizards through self-service allow the import of data files.

Cloud-based solution

The cloud-based solution offers even greater precision, building on existing knowledge and automatically adding new features and analysis.

Scale and performance

Agile for today’s retailer

The database design, SQL optimization, and in-memory engine produce an on-demand performance for retail chains of all sizes. Whether a company has thousands of users or just a few, Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service can adapt to the retailer’s needs.

International support

International support includes multilingual and multicurrency capabilities.

Proven return on investment

With more than 20 years experience, the Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service community has a legacy of quick returns on investment. Most retailers see a 100% return on investment in less than a year—some within three months of launch.

January 15, 2021

A global perspective: understanding the changing consumer behavior in grocery

Rose Spicer, Global Senior Director, Oracle

Unlike any other year in recent history, 2020 has seen consumer behavior and, by extension, the retail market, significantly disrupted. Global public health measures in response to the pandemic quickly and dramatically affected not just consumers’ ability to shop in physical locations but also their desire to. Grocery stores, deemed “essential businesses” and not subject to long-term closure, have nonetheless felt the significant effects of shifting consumer behaviors, perceptions, and expectations.

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