Supply Chain Executives

Oracle Retail for Supply Chain and Brand Compliance Executives

Supply Chain Executives Icon Manage Demand Anywhere

Align planning decisions to demand while balancing risk and opportunity. Leverage a single view of demand to drive allocation and replenishment.

Supply Chain and Brand Compliance

Single View of Demand
Single View of Demand icon Single View of Demand

Does your forecast consider the impact of pricing, promotions, and assortment changes?

Consider future assortment changes, inventory positions, pricing, and promotions. Combine these influences with historical data to create an informed forecast.

Productive Supply Chain
Productive Supply Chain icon Proactive Supply Chain

Are you planning or reacting? How much time do you spend managing problem resolution?

Proactively place inventory in the right place in the right quantity by using analytic algorithms to drive accuracy and visibility.

Return on Investment Inventory
Return on Investment Inventory icon Balance Opportunity, Risk, and Consumer Expectations

Are you protecting your brand and maintaining consumer trust? Do your strategic initiatives include growing your private label products?

Balance the risk of bringing products to market quickly, while ensuring compliance thorough assessment and an audit trail of every product from source to shelf.

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