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Data Driven Innovation

Data Driven Innovation

Empower utilities to aggregate and prioritize customer sentiments to proactively address their concerns and needs. Enable utilities to process new leads and requests, allowing for faster business development and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits


Capture and Prioritize Customer Sentiment

Customer data is everywhere. This data reflects not only customer consumption patterns, but also sentiment, satisfaction, and potential issues. Smart meters are producing data in record volumes, moving from the monthly meter reads to 15-minute interval updates. Utility companies are working to absorb, organize, and learn from the data, synthesizing it into a logical and prioritized set of actionable information. Anticipating customer needs will reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction significantly.


Personalize Service

Omnichannel services allow customers to communicate their needs and opinions, but utility companies still struggle to hear them. With the ability to capture and prioritize customer sentiment, utilities can begin to proactively anticipate needs, determine best courses of action, and establish paths to personalized service.


Generate New Revenue Streams

Utility companies seek to grow revenue, but many focus on cutting costs rather than innovating. The Data Driven Innovation solution can help utilities deliver new revenue streams relevant to their customer base. The solution helps increase revenue by discovering new business opportunities based on customer requests.

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