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Contattaci Registrati su Oracle Cloud

Free Cloud Coaching Clinics

Welcome to our weekly webinar sessions. If you are starting your Journey with Oracle Cloud we have the Ignite option below. If you would like to see live demos of our services, choose the Cloud Coaching option.

Live Webcasts

IGNITE your Oracle Cloud Account, with a live hands-on session

In this hands-on workshop, we will get you started on your journey with OCI. Prepare to learn more about Oracle Cloud and get a walkthrough of the OCI Console.

English, Recording

IGNITE your Oracle Cloud Account, with a live hands-on session

In this live webinar and hands-on session, we will get you started on your journey with OCI.

Duration: 1.5 hour

English, October 11th, 2022 | 11:00 AM CEST

Cloud Coaching Clinics
Setup your Oracle Database Migration to OCI in the blink of an eye

This session will explain how to migrate your Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using the OCI Database Migration Service. We will explore the OCI Database Migration service and its capabilities, explaining how to perform the registration of the source and target databases within the service. Furthermore, you will learn how to perform a pre-migration evaluation and how to create and execute a database migration workflow.

Join us and raise your questions to live!

English, October 5th | 11:00 AM CEST

Cloud Coaching Clinics
How to leverage OCI Observability tools to gain visibility into your Cloud Infrastructure

Observability and Monitoring go hand in hand. In OCI we have multiple services that help to measure this and help us to transform collected data from logs into metrics, leverage the logging analytics capabilities, create useful dashboards, and monitor middleware and databases. These solutions from OCI can be extended in any environment (on-premise or other cloud providers) and provide you with a unified view of the Multi Cloud world. This first OCI Observability session will focus on service enablement and initial configurations. The next sessions will focus on each service and showcase multiple use cases.

English, October 12th | 11:00 AM CEST

Cloud Coaching Clinics
Deploying a VMware SDDC in Oracle Cloud

This session will do a deep-dive and live demo about the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), which allows you to deploy a VMware Software-defined Data Center in Oracle Cloud. OCVS is a solution that makes migrating your entire VMware environment to Oracle Cloud quick, easy, and painless – while offering complete control.

English, October 19th | 11:00 AM CEST

Cloud Coaching Clinics
Introduction to Oracle Cloud Migrations

The Oracle Cloud Migrations is a new Oracle Cloud service that automates the migration of virtual machines from on-premises environments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Using a simple managed connection with your data centre, the service allows you to:

• Discover assets capable of migrating
• Group source workloads into migration projects
• Schedule data replication
• Launch the migrated virtual machines on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Join us in this session for an overview and a live walk through of the Oracle Cloud Migrations service.

English, October 26th | 11:00 AM CEST

Coming soon

Cloud Coaching Clinics
Enrich Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with Machine Learning

Technology trends show that the IT is moving away from the simple diagnostic/monitoring tools to adopt more comprehensive and modern Observability solutions. Modern IT departments need to be proactive, to anticipate issues, forecast capacity and help budget allocation. Oracle identified this need and implemented it with one of its most popular product: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.Are you an OEM user? Would you like to know in advance issues and potential lack of resource? Do you know how your IT estate will look in 3,6,12 months time ? Are you able the detect performance degradation before they occur and end users experience them? Join our cloud coach clinic to know how add these capability to the new OEM 13.5 release.

English, November 9th | 11:00 AM CET

Coming soon

Cloud Coaching Clinics
Offloading Oracle Identity Management

In this session, you will see how Oracle’s Identity and Access Management cloud services will enable you to accelerate development and deployment of your applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by taking advantages of an enterprise-class identity management service built on open standards.

English, November 16th | 11:00 AM CET

Coming soon

Cloud Coaching Clinics
OCI Cloud Security Posture Management - Prevention and Remediation

A cloud resource lifecycle includes constant creation, change, and deletion of resources. Within this process potential risks can be introduced by chance or at will. Continuous monitoring, detection, remediation, and even prevention of configurations and activities to avoid these risks must be available at any time and for every resource. In this session, you will see how to implement best practices for a strong and secure cloud environment including your containers, virtual machines, and data bases.

English, December 7th | 11:00 AM CET

Coming soon

Playbacks - Cloud Digital Learnings Library

Oracle DevOps Cloud Service - Introduction

Part 1 - Introduction to Oracle DevOps Cloud Service.

How Can You Run WebLogic on Kubernetes Smoothly

Would you rate WebLogic as a monolithic or modular macro service framework? How does WebLogic fit in the cloud-native landscape nowadays?.

Build, deploy and run your first Micronaut serverless application in Oracle Functions

Micronaut's Oracle Functions support can utilize GraalVM native-image running within a Docker container to package your applications.

For more information or any questions you may have, please contact the Digital Customer Experience Team
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