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Cloud services

Designed for change

As IT leaders become more strategic stakeholders, they are eagerly shedding traditional data center management roles. This change in the role of IT is one of the important dynamics driving cloud adoption today. Oracle Cloud is designed to help you navigate this change because it delivers high performance, operates efficiently, and scales as your business needs to move faster than ever before. 

Oracle Cloud Services
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A Cloud that cares about your business

Automate data platforms  68%more efficient DBAs

Automated migration 50%less effort to migrate to Oracle Cloud vs AWS

Cost savings 80%savings in network egress costs over AWS

Automated security tasks up to 55% reduction in security administration costs

A Cloud solution that adapts quickly

Oracle Cloud is the backbone that provides leading businesses with robust data management, reliable performance, and cost-effective scalability to help you stay agile and innovate.

Integrate seamlessly, migrate quickly, prioritize security.

Move to Oracle Cloud

Moving to Oracle Cloud allows your business to run better. You’ll arrive at an environment that offers a security-first architecture for the full stack of applications, data, and infrastructure. You’ll get flexible, low and predictable pricing across all regions and services, and you’ll see high performance with reliability and scalability. When Cisco Systems moved its data center analytics platform to Oracle Cloud, it achieved 60x performance improvement compared to other cloud providers. Discover how you can quickly achieve advanced levels of automation by shifting workloads to Oracle Cloud.

Migrating on-premises Oracle Applications

Migrating custom and third-party applications

Migrating Independent Software Providers (ISVs) applications

Modernize data platforms

IT teams play a pivotal role in empowering and enabling business workers by giving access to secure data, to improve their decision making and productivity in a rapidly changing environment. By moving to Oracle Cloud, you can easily set up departmental or enterprise wide data warehouse and give business workers access to real-time, accurate data insights.

Modernize your data platforms for better insight

Secure your cloud

Oracle improves your organization’s security without sacrificing continuity. To reduce risk, Oracle offers isolated network virtualization; to reduce human error, Oracle offers automated patching; and to reduce threats, Oracle offers always-on encryption. Oracle Cloud works with your business to implement disaster recovery solutions, and leverages automation to continuously stay on offense.

Learn About Oracle’s Security-first Approach

Optimize and innovate

Oracle Cloud provides a broad set of complementary tools that enables developers to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a hosted environment. With high-performance computing power and real-time elasticity, your technical team has the tools to better innovate with meaningful, exciting changes.

Resources for your Developers and IT staff

Modernize your infrastructure

The way we work and do business has irreversibly changed, and organizations must modernize their infrastructure or risk falling behind. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud@Customer, and on-premises deployment options enable customers to modernize database infrastructure, move enterprise applications to the cloud, and rapidly implement digital transformations.

Start your infrastructure modernization journey today

Less time managing IT, more time transforming your business.

Gartner perspective

It’s time to include Oracle as a viable option when evaluating public Cloud providers


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