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Oracle CRM On Demand Automotive Edition

Oracle CRM On Demand Automotive Edition is the first cloud-based CRM designed specifically for the automotive industry. Automotive Edition adds key business processes unique to the automotive industry delivering results that provide a faster time to value, less customization, and increased user adoption.

Features and Benefits

Manufacturers can now extend comprehensive CRM capabilities such as dealer service, vehicle service support, and multichannel selling throughout their extended enterprise. Service representatives can also instantly obtain a complete view of a customer's profile and vehicle sales, service, and financial history. By enabling users to successfully "surround and serve" the customer, Oracle CRM On Demand Automotive Edition drives higher customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved profitability.

  • Increase revenues with sales management
  • Increase customer satisfaction and resolve issues with service management
  • Increase insight into sold products with vehicle management
  • Increase efficiency with activity and e-mail management