Adventist Health boosts financial planning with Oracle Cloud

Adventist’s Oracle Cloud solution cut its budget timeline in half, reducing the planning cycle from 6 months to 3 months.


Choosing to work with Oracle Analytics was a great decision. We can scale up and scale down with no hardware investment. It’s flexible and very low risk.

Matt SavardDirector of Analytics, Adventist Health

Business challenges

Adventist Health manages 22 hospitals across the  West Coast and Hawaii, plus clinics, home care agencies, hospices, and retirement centers.

The company’s finance and human resource teams were using Excel spreadsheets and an AS/400 IBM platform that was launched in 1988. Its operation was fragmented, labor-intensive, and prone to human error.

The organization needed a centralized system across all operations to view and analyze data for the entire care network. Adventist also needed to improve its finance and human resource operations and ultimately to provide improved patient care.

Why Adventist Health Chose Oracle

The organization, which had grown to 37,000 staff and volunteers, 20 hospitals, and 250 clinics, needed a comprehensive solution that would help Adventist become more efficient and handle additional business growth. Adventist Health considered Oracle to be the best long-term partner to help the company cope with inevitable changes—adopting new industry best practices, keeping up with regulations, and moving into new businesses.

Adventist Health wanted to work with a partner that understood the technology, the implementation process, the company’s current challenges, and also the products and technology that will set up Adventist for success for the long-term.

Adventist strives to improve the health of the communities it serves and concluded that working with Oracle provided the best path to achieve better patient outcomes.


Oracle Cloud, including Oracle Analytics, enabled Adventist Health to focus on its mission to provide holistic healthcare for its patients. Adventist’s Oracle Cloud solution cut its budget timeline in half, reducing the planning cycle from 6 months to 3 months.

Adventist Health realized greater efficiency by centralizing all of its financial services and updating all its systems to Oracle Cloud. The company standardized processes across 250 clinics using Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud EPM, Oracle Cloud HCM, and Oracle Analytics.

In only four months, Adventist Health moved its data to the cloud and implemented its first dashboards. Within nine months, the entire digital transformation was complete.

“We’re excited about being able to generate financial forecasts for the short-term: three-, six-, and nine-month periods,” says Director of Analytics Matt Savard.

Moving to Oracle Cloud and Oracle Analytics has paved the way for Adventist Health’s next phase in bringing in all clinical data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, where the company can realize more benefits and insights.

Oracle Analytics enabled a team of three data analysts to support 900 people with their analytics needs. Before implementing Oracle Analytics, this was not possible.

An added benefit of the Oracle Cloud solution is an increased level of security for Adventist Health’s data and analysis. Ultimately, Oracle will enable Adventist Health to deliver better patient outcomes.  

“I’m really excited about the opportunities to take a look at our clinical data—all kinds of detail about the services we provide for our patients—and leverage machine learning and AI against those and see what insights we can gain from the data. Ultimately, these findings will enable us to deliver better patient outcomes,” said Savard.


Deloitte helped sketch a vision for the future of the Adventist Health organization, and ran workshops with stakeholders during the planning period.

InterRel Consulting helped Adventist Health with its enterprise data management strategy and implementation.

Adventist Health and Deloitte teamed to deliver a solution that is built to help the enterprise evolve and stay ready to navigate disruption. Learn how Deloitte can help your organization make impact that matters.

Pubblicato:September 16, 2020