Carrefour increases customer satisfaction and retention by expanding interaction channels with cloud-based contact center solution

Carrefour S.A. is the world’s fourth largest retail group by revenue and the third by profit. Carrefour is a multichannel retailer with 1,459 hypermarkets, 3,115 supermarkets, 6,111 convenience stores, and 175 cash and carry stores across 33 countries—complemented by e-commerce stores in selected countries. The company opened its first hypermarket outside Paris in 1963 and today operates in numerous countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Latin America. In France alone, 15 million consumers own a Carrefour loyalty card. Every year, more than 100 million customers worldwide shop at Carrefour.

Carrefour’s hypermarkets offer an assortment of 20,000 to 80,000 products, including food items such as fresh produce and local products, and non-food items such as textiles, electronic goods, leisure articles and fuel. The company sources products from more than 21,000 suppliers worldwide, and 73% of food products come from local suppliers. Further diversifying its multichannel approach, in 2014 Carrefour opened its first 24/7 gourmet supermarket in Milan, Italy.


We focused on improving the quality of our customer relations when deploying Oracle Service Cloud. Our food and non-food customers now enjoy more fluid and better targeted interactions, and have a broad choice of how to communicate with our agents, which enhances customer satisfaction. Oracle Service Cloud enables us to resolve more than 95% of our customers’ contact requests every month, which goes beyond the high expectations of Carrefour’s top management.

Richard EderyCustomer Service Director, Carrefour S.A.

Business challenges

  • Meet customer service quality target of resolving 95% of 6.5 million customer contact requests per year—related to loyalty card, e-commerce, and other services—in addition to 5,000 second-level inquiries concerning food or non-food products
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction by enabling them to communicate with Carrefour’s service agents through a wide range of interaction media, including traditional and digital channels
  • Increase customer service efficiency by merging into a single solution all customer interactions for traditional media such as mail, email and phone, and digital media such as click-to-chat, click-to-call and web portal

Oracle Service Cloud was best adapted to our vision of acquiring a 360-degree view of customers. It had the fewest requirements of all evaluated products in terms of implementation efforts; indeed, we deployed the solution within three months. And, as we were able to confirm after deployment, it is very easy for our agents to use.

Samantha De Freitascustomer service manager, Carrefour S.A.

Why Carrefour S.A. chose Oracle

“Oracle is Carrefour’s long-standing technology partner, and after many successful years of cooperation we have enormous confidence in Oracle technology,” said Richard Edery, customer service director, Carrefour S.A.


  • Provided customers with a seamless interaction experience across traditional and digital channels by running Carrefour France’s customer service with Oracle Service Cloud—increasing customer satisfaction by 4%, boosting customer retention thanks to outstanding service, and enhancing Carrefour’s overall image
  • Improved quantitative and qualitative customer service key performance indicators within three months of deployment, such as resolving more than 95% of all customer contact requests—a staggering figure for contact centers where 90% is the benchmark
  • Increased agents’ productivity by 20%—enabling them to process on average 4.2 cases per hour instead of 3.5 cases—driving customer service efficiency thanks to relevant interactions across all channels
  • Enabled more fluid interactions with customers by providing agents with 360-degree customer visibility—with all previous customer interactions displayed on a single screen—and cross-channel capabilities, such as switching from chat to phone
  • Delivered personalized customer service interactions to help 15 million loyalty card holders derive more value from Carrefour’s products and wide range of services, such as fueling and banking
  • Ensured that customers receive immediate answers to urgent inquiries—for example whether a food product contains specific allergens—by initiating the chat function to directly reach a customer service agent, and even switching from chat to phone
  • Deployed a complete and easy-to-use contact center solution capable of mapping Carrefour France’s customer service requirements end-to-end without imposing technical or business restrictions such as complex implementation or substantial training efforts


“We deployed the solution using the services of Oracle Gold Partner Micropole, as recommended by Oracle. It was an excellent choice. Micropole consultants knew the deployed technology perfectly, and were not only present at every project step from the planning stage, but they also had a deep understanding of our requirements in terms of customer service,” De Freitas said.
Pubblicato:January 1, 2018