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Oracle Moat Analytics

Maximize every advertising dollar and deliver better business outcomes. Oracle Moat Analytics provides comprehensive and transparent campaign verification and attention metrics—across channels, formats, and platforms—to help you identify the advertising activities that drive growth. Measure ad quality, viewability, brand safety and suitability, and attention signals, and make your digital advertising more effective.

Oracle Moat Analytics
How to evolve your ad measurement strategy Measure media to maximize your ad

Evolve your ad measurement strategy from baseline verification to attention metrics and cross-channel performance.

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How to measure consumer attention How to measure consumer attention

Use this step-by-step guide to measure consumer attention across display, mobile, video, and branded content.

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Explore Oracle Moat Analytics

Build trust and drive better business outcomes through accurate campaign verification and attention measurement that fortifies your media strategy.

Verify campaigns across mobile, digital, and CTV

Gain a comprehensive view of your ad campaigns. With a broad array of metrics for video (including CTV environments), mobile, display, branded content, and emerging formats, you can identify the high-performing channels, creative, formats, and environments that can optimize your spend.

Verify impression delivery with precision and transparency

Confirm that your impressions were seen by a real person and delivered in your desired brand-safe and brand-suitable environments.

Go beyond baseline verification

Confirm that your ads are seen as you intended using ad verification services that show they have the opportunity to be seen by a real person on the promised website or device type in a brand-safe environment.

Reduce the risk and costs of bad brand experiences

Ensure advertisements appear only in brand-safe and brand-suitable environments, so that advertisers can block bids on advertising impressions and avoid serving ads into locations that may be fraudulent or inappropriate. Oracle Moat Analytics helps you detect and avoid placements found to involve fraudulent or invalid traffic (IVT), as defined by industry organizations, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council.

Advertising measurement where you need it

Measure every impression with integrations into display, video, connected TV, ad servers, social platforms, demand side platform (DSPs), and more. With Oracle Moat Analytics, you gain campaign, creative, placement, domain, URL, and impression transparency and can analyze advertising effectiveness with a tool that’s backed by industry benchmarks and visual, real-time reporting.

Talk to our experts to learn more about Oracle Moat.

Solutions for brands, publishers, and platforms

Brands and agencies

Spend smarter and launch campaigns with confidence. With Moat, you can reach real people, capture their attention, and fully measure campaign effectiveness.

Publishers and platforms

Maximize your inventory and drive more direct revenue from every impression. Reinforce the value of your audience, digital properties, and networks through trusted, independent measurement.

Make measurement your greatest competitive advantage

With endless media choices across many platforms, it’s challenging to reach the right consumers and drive results. But with Moat Analytics, you can discover the most profitable growth opportunities by better understanding advertising performance—on a granular level—across display, video, content, and context.

Deliver more efficient campaigns with pre-bid targeting solutions for brand safety, invalid traffic avoidance, and viewability.

Protect ad spend with post-bid blocking solutions for brand safety, invalid traffic avoidance, geographic area, and domain allow/block lists/

Go beyond baseline verification with attention metrics that reveal how consumers are engaging with your ads across channels and devices.

Identify high-performing channels, creative, formats, and environments to optimize your spend.

November 30, 2021

5 disruptive ad fraud schemes that siphoned millions of dollars (and how we caught them)

Sam Mansour, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

More companies have been transitioning to digital environments so that workers can do their jobs from home. However, this shift that has been so beneficial to employees, increases the number of potential targets for criminal ad fraud. We are staying ahead of it by exposing sophisticated ad fraud schemes. Using advanced invalid traffic (IVT) detection capabilities, we lead the way in protecting the vulnerable, emerging-format connected TV (CTV). Let’s review how.

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Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, videos, and tutorials that will help you learn more about Oracle Moat Analytics. You'll find these resources and more in the Oracle Help Center.


Free training—Moat Measurement

Earn your Oracle Moat Measurement Explorer badge and gain a foundational understanding of Oracle Moat’s advertising measurement, analytics, and brand safety/suitability capabilities. The best part is that this training is free.

Best practices

Adtech 101

Adtech helps buyers (brands and agencies) optimize their budgets and sellers (publishers and platforms) maximize their revenue stream. The goal of adtech is to get better ad placements, deliver the right content to the right person, and reduce the amount of wasteful spending. It also provides comprehensive behavioral data that can be used to target better and measure campaign success.

About Moat

About Moat

Brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms use Oracle Moat to solve their biggest media measurement challenge. Our measurement suite includes solutions for ad verification, attention, brand safety, advertising effectiveness, and cross-platform reach and frequency. Our goal is to ensure every impression drives value, which we do by providing access to hundreds of metrics so you can understand advertising performance and keep pace with the changing digital and TV advertising landscape.

Moat is part of Oracle Advertising, a set of adtech solutions designed to serve the needs of marketers and media professionals. From planning and activation to measurement and insights, Oracle Advertising provides brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms with the tools they need to advertise in ways that gets results.

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