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Oracle Moat—Solutions for brands and agencies

Spend smarter and advertise with confidence. With Oracle Moat you can verify campaigns, measure audiences, identify which platforms and partners are driving campaign performance, and attribute sales lift to campaigns, creative assets, and audiences.

Oracle Moat—Solutions for brands and agencies
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Solutions for every ad measurement need

Campaign verification and attention measurement

Verify cross-channel campaign impressions to ensure ad delivery was valid, viewable, brand safe, and in suitable and socially responsible environments.

Audience verification and channel performance

Confirm campaigns are targeting your desired demographics and audience segments and know which channels and platforms are delivering those audiences most efficiently.

Causal impact analytics

Identify if your campaigns impacted consumer purchase decisions and how your creative, audience segments, and media channels contributed to overall sales lift.

Explore Oracle Moat for brands and agencies

Oracle Moat delivers impression lifecycle measurement solutions that provide campaign-related media metrics and the consumer insights needed to achieve campaign goals efficiently both in effort and budget.

With cross-platform reach and frequency measurement from Oracle Moat, brands and agencies can do the following:

Better manage ad budgets and reduce brand safety risks
Verify campaign delivery with a trusted and recognized third-party partner
Align and amplify brand identity with brand suitability and responsible media solutions
Measure consumer engagement with first-to-market attention metrics
Measure consumer attention across channels, devices, and platforms
Verify audience segments and demo targeting across TV, CTV, and digital
Understand cross-channel campaign reach and frequency across TV, CTV, and digital

Why brands and agencies choose Oracle Moat as their measurement partner

Access the cross-channel measurement capabilities you need. From campaign verification to impact analytics, Oracle Moat delivers consistent, comparable, and reliable metrics throughout the impression’s lifespan.

Cross-channel measurement

Measure across CTV, linear TV, mobile, and desktop. Oracle Moat is dedicated to measuring all forms of media, and we have innovative projects in progress for in-game measurement. We will continue to identify new and emerging media trends in media measurement transparency.

Accuracy, reliability, and validity

Work with measurement tools that are effective, reliable, and valid. We are the industry’s unbiased third-party measurement provider—focused on delivering the truth in a fair and transparent way. As strong believers in oversight and accountability, we adhere to Media Rating Council (MRC) guidelines. We have several MRC-accredited metrics and are continuing to pursue additional accreditations.

Invalid traffic (IVT) detection

Know that impressions are valid and viewable. We go above and beyond to identify new threats. When we detect fraud, we contact law enforcement and deliver the threat details to industry agencies. We feel it’s important to share this information freely to help protect against ad fraud.

Innovative advertising measurement

Gain comprehensive measurement coverage to support the next frontier of digital media (audio, CTV, in-game advertising, and more).

Comprehensive customer support

Work with account support teams who will go above and beyond to help you maximize your investment in Oracle Moat products.

Award-winning technologies

Protect your bottom line, safeguard your reputation, and generate insights that inform actions with Oracle Moat’s award-winning technologies. Founded on the principles of accuracy, ease of use, and personalization, Moat is the winner in three categories in Adweek’s 2021 Reader’s Choice: Best of Tech Partner Awards.

Measure media with total confidence

Maximize ad spend and digital performance with measurement you can trust. Learn how Oracle Moat makes this possible.

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