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Explore Oracle Consumer Goods Products


Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

Rapid and profound change is transforming the consumer goods industry. The lines between supplier, manufacturer, and retailer are blurring and new technologies are transforming the connected customer. Today’s customers demand new experiences driven by personalized channels and choices. Leverage Oracle CX Cloud solutions by channel or bring them together into a connected engagement through data, behavioral intelligence, and experiences across all lines of business.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud’s capabilities for visual analysis, discovery, advanced analytics, reporting, and forecasting improve business performance by providing instant access to data-driven, visually stunning insights on multiple devices without compromising data integrity and security.

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Transformational Cloud Technologies

Emerging cloud technologies are transforming consumer goods companies. From artificial intelligence (AI) and digital assistants to blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), increased connectivity, improved data availability, and more-intelligent insights are enabling business outcomes that were previously unattainable.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud addresses the future of finance with an intelligent financial management system that offers both emerging technologies and industry best practices across accounting, consolidation, planning, procurement, projects, reporting, and analytics.

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Oracle SCM Cloud

Today’s supply chain has moved away from standard outsourcing, co-manufacturing, and non-owned fulfillment centers to become demand-driven and capable of meeting omnichannel needs. Increased buyer expectations, shorter product lifecycles, new regulations, and fluctuating demand are testing the limits of traditional supply chains. Oracle SCM Cloud enables consumer goods companies to manage their supply chains with the scale, security, innovation, and agility that modern markets require.

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Oracle HCM Cloud

Technology has made today’s workforce more mobile, global, and diverse than ever. Oracle helps consumer goods companies transition to and succeed in the digital world by engaging, attracting, and retaining top employees and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Thriving in the Consumer Goods Industry

Rapid and profound changes are sweeping across the consumer goods industry—we’re now making, selling, and buying in entirely new ways. New technologies, agile competitors, and demanding consumer expectations are powering an era of transformation. And how we think about consumers is forcing us to disrupt, or be disrupted.