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Digital Banking Thinkathon Webcast Series

Bringing together senior leaders and market experts across the banking ecosystem to drive regionalized conversations about how banks can reinvent, build from scratch, or pivot to respond to changes in the industry by customizing the most critical components of their banking ecosystem—and build a truly digital bank.

Building a truly digital bank

Merging the right form with the perfect function. To succeed this year, in the coming decade, and beyond, executives and technologists must embrace the potential of the adaptive bank.


Opening up the bank

Improve customer experience, create new revenue streams, and offer sustainable service models to underserved markets.


Understanding what drives today’s enigmatic consumer

Use insights to anticipate what customers want when they need it rather than reacting.


Delivering a new bank built for a changing customer

Build or reinvent your bank with a secure, adaptable platform.

Digital banking innovation

Building your bank for today and tomorrow

The digital banking revolution is not going to slow down for your bank to catch up. Closed, siloed banking platform hampers innovation and gives competitors more opportunities to speed ahead. Open up the bank and unify your ecosystem.

  • How to control the data handshake and achieve best-in-class consent and authentication management
  • How to build penetration along the customer value chain with new business models
  • Keys to building a framework for success when embracing open banking that delivers innovation securely
Global Banking Consumer Report

What do customers really want from their banks?

Today's banking customers are eager to be freed from the inefficient, sluggish, and fragmented experiences of traditional banks. Simply bolting on digital capabilities and applications can’t appease this seismic shift in customer expectations. Short-term technology fixes will no longer suffice for an audience that has a wealth of alternatives.

  • Why ceding small transaction payments to the unprofitable apps can help your bank avoid a costly arms race
  • What moment-driven banking is and how you can evolve your data analysis beyond simply credit and debit transactions
  • Keys to understanding the insecurity of modern banking customers and how your bank can build unbreakable customer bonds through simple education and affirmation
Digital banking experience

Delivering a new bank built for the changing customer

Evolve to thrive in the experience economy. Survival starts with becoming an adaptive bank that’s intelligent, agile, and integrally involved with and connected to customers’ businesses and lives.

  • What an adaptive bank is, at its core, and how it will set the new standards in banking for the decade to come and beyond
  • In-depth data on how customers have come to expect great digital experiences in every aspect of their lives—and why banking is the centerpiece of digital life
  • How to integrate technology to connect information across your bank and uncover insights that drive better experiences
  • Key to modernizing the back office and gaining the flexibility to simplify, standardize, and execute an evolution to the cloud

Oracle Financial Services for Digital Banks

Banks can reinvent, build from scratch, or pivot to respond to changes in the industry by customizing the most critical components of their banking ecosystem. Oracle’s cloud-enabled platform provides the flexibility to safely and profitably scale and innovate—to continuously reimagine banking.

Banking Innovators—Winning with Digital

Oracle Banking innovators are embracing modern banking solutions to become more agile and efficient and to meet rising customer expectations. Read their stories to learn more about digital banking innovation.

Customer success stories
Learning Library

Explore Digital Banking Resources

Stay up to date on how banks are responding to rapidly changing customer demands with digital-first solutions.

Virtual bank solutions

The new world of virtual banks: Profitable growth will define success

Virtual banks are launching across the globe. Discover market perspectives and critical factors for digital banking success.

Digital banking experience

Beyond Digital: Data-driven strategies to grow, scale, and profit

Insights from PwC and Oracle on how APAC digital banks can grow beyond digital experience, utilizing data to leapfrog over risk and regulation barriers.

Digital banking

Breaking down digital banking transformation

The digital banking revolution is not going to slow down for banks to catch up. It is crucial for banks to embark on their digital banking journey to build or reinvent their systems and operations according to their transformation goals.