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Oracle Healthcare Cloud Solutions for Providers

Healthcare Cloud Solutions for Providers

Complete and Unified Oracle Cloud for Healthcare Providers

Hospitals and providers can deliver high quality, affordable care by optimizing costs and reducing risk.

Oracle ERP Cloud

How fast can your current business model respond to change?

Providers don't just own the business model anymore; they continually refine it in response to new regulatory models and competitive opportunities. How flexible is your business model?

Oracle EPM Cloud

Do you spend too much time preparing reports for meetings? Are you confident in your numbers?

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud delivers market-leading applications for healthcare payers of all sizes. Drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and give more people access to EPM processes.

Oracle SCM Cloud

Are you looking for a better way to reduce costs and manage spend?

Source more intelligently and empower your employees to purchase online, according to preapproved policies. Control spend, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Do you create and support a collaborative, productive working environment?

With pervasive collaborative capabilities embedded in your HR processes, you can drive better peer-to-peer communication, facilitate collaboration, and enable knowledge sharing in your healthcare workforce.

Healthcare Cloud Solutions for Hospitals

Are your HR and ERP platforms truly aligned?

A complete, modern, unified cloud suite shares HR and financial data for a deeper view into your business. Your operations are simplified, streamlined, and better able to support marketplace changes and growth. Executives and managers have access to cross-functional data for better decision-making.

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