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Explore Pharmacovigilance and Multivigilance Products

Oracle Safety One provides an integrated suite of market-leading case- and signal-management solutions that enable unified multivigilance.


Digital Case Intake

Safety One Intake uses AI to improve efficiency, quality, and compliance, enabling your team to focus on high-value activities.


Case Management and Reporting

Argus uses automation to process adverse event cases faster, allowing pharmacovigilance departments to manage their ever-increasing workload.


Signal Detection and Management

Empirica helps detect and analyze product risks earlier and with fewer false positives, reducing the work of signal evaluators.

Oracle Health Sciences Safety One Intake – The next domino

With the increasing volumes of adverse event reports and stagnant budgets, safety case management, as we know it, must change. Throughout history, innovation has prompted revolutionary changes to how we do things. The time is now for a revolutionary change in safety case management.