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Faster Time to Value for Your Internet of Things Solutions

Get a faster return on your investment. Oracle makes Internet of Things deployment simpler with new capabilities that improve efficiency.

Oracle Internet of Things

Ready to Use. Ready to Build. Ready to Scale.

Oracle makes it easy to realize the true value of IoT. Empower your line-of-business users with ready-to-use IoT solutions that are designed to address interoperability gaps between operations technology and information technology. Oracle’s IoT SaaS solutions are built on a highly scalable and robust IoT technology platform that runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s IoT platform gives enterprises the tools and technologies to reliably integrate, analyze, build, and deploy IoT solutions that deliver analytical insights from real-time IoT data into your existing applications. All backed by Oracle’s value-added ecosystem of partners and experts that helps you quickly scale and realize business value fast.

Oracle IoT Solutions

What Is Internet of Things?

Oracle IoT Applications

Ready-to-use IoT SaaS solutions for remote asset maintenance, Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, connected logistics, worker safety monitoring, and connected customer experience help organizations achieve their vision of digital transformation across the complete enterprise.

Built-in integrations and extensibility features enable you to extend your business applications—such as ERP, SCM, customer experience, and HCM—with rich, real-time insights from streaming IoT data to improve efficiency and derive more value from your existing business applications.

Oracle’s IoT Platform

Oracle’s IoT platform enables you to merge insights from streaming IoT data into your business—quickly and easily. Flexible device management capabilities let you connect any type of device to a powerful IoT data management and analytics platform.

Oracle’s IoT platform helps you quickly create real-time IoT solutions tailored for your business. Use powerful, innovative edge analytics and robust security capabilities to create customized solutions that easily integrate with your existing enterprise applications. Oracle’s IoT platform leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for optimized performance while minimizing costs and time to market.

Oracle’s IoT Ecosystem

Oracle IoT solutions are supported by a large ecosystem of device OEMs, device integrators, network service providers, and system integrators. Our device ecosystem includes large companies that produce hundreds of device types that are used across many different industries, as well as specialized device manufacturers. We partner with network service providers operating in cellular, LoRa, and narrowband IoT. Oracle’s strong system integrator partner ecosystem delivers robust, high-performance IoT solutions. Our partner network includes vendors with deep experience in manufacturing, logistics, and customer experience.

Unlocking the Promise of a Connected World: Using the Cloud to Enable IoT

Why Oracle for IoT?

Business-Ready IoT SaaS Applications

Oracle IoT SaaS applications revolutionize what’s possible for your business. Get faster business outcomes using leading-edge, business-ready, cloud-based IoT applications. Accelerate scalability, time to value, and time to market.

Open and Integrated IoT Platform

Collect and integrate IoT data from a variety of sources, securely and reliably, with Oracle’s open and integrated, end-to-end IoT platform. Leverage OASIS open standards. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud also enables REST API-based integration.

End-to-End Security

Oracle provides a secure environment of trusted devices, communications, and lifecycle management. Each device is assigned a unique identity. Authentication is enforced prior to communication for proof-of-origin of data. Transport-level security helps prevent corruption. Role-based access control manages user access.

Broad IoT Device and Protocol Support

Seamlessly connect multiple devices to your enterprise applications and business processes with a variety of communication protocols and REST APIs over a broad range of programming environments, including Android, C, Java, and JavaScript.

Built-In Machine Learning

Built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable you to build intelligent IoT solutions. Domain-specific algorithms include asset health, production monitoring, worker safety, and predictive maintenance.

IoT Solutions by Industry

See how Oracle’s products and services can help your business overcome the core challenges to getting value with IoT.

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