Life Sciences Digital Transformation Strategies

Transformative digital strategies are needed for faster study startup, to harmonize data from any source, and to streamline workflows. All to give today’s life sciences stakeholders what they need—quicker results, with treatments reaching patients faster.

Learn what new clinical trial methods will continue in the post-COVID world.

The time is now for digital transformation

The swift transition to virtual clinical trials during the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that eClinical solutions for collecting data and conducting visits can bring real benefits to clinical research studies and, ultimately, patients.

Data influx

Direct-to-patient data collection devices and applications have created a much larger infrastructure of required integrations. This shift in clinical trial complexity demands better data collection methods, which current electronic data capture (EDC) technologies are not designed to support.

Siloed systems vs. a unified platform

Due to pressure for faster, more efficient clinical trials, the life sciences industry is moving away from segmented technologies and complex workflows that extend trial timelines and increase costs, making way for more cross-functional and collaborative approaches.


The increased pace of decentralization due to the pandemic has proven to be of real value in remote data collection, as well as virtual patient engagement, and now the industry must establish standards and best practices to support these new approaches.

Research insights into how the pandemic changed clinical trial operations.

Health Decisions achieves shorter clinical trial timelines with Oracle Clinical One


Driving the implementation of decentralized clinical trials

Covance discusses how they’re driving the implementation of decentralized trials globally, and the core tenets they abide by when executing decentralized trials.

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The accelerated evolution of clinical trials in a pandemic environment

Industry research indicates an accelerated shift to a decentralized clinical trial model.

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