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Virtual Events

Live and on-demand webinars connect you with startups and innovators around the globe. Tune in for insightful conversations covering topics such as scaling your startup, approaching investors, and tapping into the latest technology.

Upcoming live webinars

June 3, 2020

Meet the fintechs powered by Oracle Cloud

Your fintech deserves a seat at the enterprise table. Don't miss this special session hosted by Katalista Ventures and Oracle for Startups. You will learn growth hacks for fintechs, hear about successful startup migrations to Oracle Cloud, and join a lively discussion with the global Oracle for Startups team on supercharging your startup’s growth. Attendance includes a bespoke 1:1 session with an Oracle startup expert.

June 4, 2020

Scaling in a crisis: a focus on GovTech

Startups are adapting to a rapidly shifting business landscape, and GovTech is in the “eye of the storm.” PUBLIC Germany, PUBLIC Denmark, and Oracle for Startups invite Henry Mason from Dawn Capital and BotSupply’s Francesco Stasi to discuss the dynamic environment that startups face in the GovTech vertical. Plan to hear insights on GovTech from the perspectives of founders, investors, and corporates, including Max Dunhill (Oracle for Startups) and Julie Rømer (PUBLIC Denmark's Program Manager).

June 19, 2020

Females, funding, and the future of startups

Female founders receive around 2-3% VC funding annually, despite countless reports that show women-led and gender-inclusive companies drive innovation, increase productivity, and improve financial results. Hear from a few of the women who are pushing for change in all industries and investing in female-led businesses with a webinar hosted by Oracle for Startups and Women In AI. Panelists from the VC, startup, and corporate communities will help us unpack this issue.

June 24, 2020

Monetizing your AI idea

Check back for more details on this session hosted by TQ and featuring startups from Oracle for Startups.

On-demand webinars


Navigating the VC landscape in virtual times

With a slowing venture market, entrepreneurs and small businesses are fighting to survive and claim their place in a transforming world of technology. Because your pitch may look different when it’s confined to a Zoom window, we have a few strategies that will help make your VC screen time pay off.


Exploring the possibilities of chatbots

Tune in to hear how cloud startup BotSupply turned a strategic pivot into a scalable business model. The Denmark-based chatbot company is now developing and deploying cross-functional chatbots—powered by conversational AI—for enterprise partners and clients around the world. Hosted by Women in AI and featuring BotSupply cofounder Francesco Stasi.


Protect your pipeline when you can't meet up for coffee

Startups are embracing the art of the pivot to protect their pipeline and nurture relationships with customers and prospects. Hear from venture capitalist, entrepreneur, TechStars mentor, and podcast host Michael Troiano as he shares strategies to prevent leads from falling out of your pipeline, maintain top-of-mind awareness, and make it through a chaotic time in one piece.


Seasoned venture capitalists help you navigate an unpredictable economy

Hard times call for tough decisions. If faced with the choice between getting lean or closing shop, startups can take smart steps to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and come out even stronger. Get advice from entrepreneurs, investors, and finance pros on how to cut operating costs without slashing the structural integrity of your company.


How startups can step up in pivotal moments

Startups are already familiar with the art of the pivot. When the whole world is shifting, we have an opportunity to adapt and serve our communities in ways that are both tactful and impactful. Tune in and learn how to update your product offering and go-to-market strategies to address the challenges that are top-of-mind during chaotic times.