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Oracle Java SE Subscription

Java is the world's most prolific programming language and development platform. Oracle Java SE Subscription offers the most complete support and advanced management features available today. Protect your enterprise investment with security updates and world-class support from the stewards of Java. Now the subscription includes entitlement to Oracle GraalVM Enterprise and Java Management Service, an Oracle Cloud service to monitor and manage all your Java deployments.

How to protect your investment in Java SE

Oracle Java SE Subscription combines license and support into a simple subscription that helps you cost effectively manage Java SE installations, updates, and upgrades across your enterprise. Discover the comprehensive benefits.

Announcing Java 17

The next long-term support release of Java 17 is now available. Oracle continues to innovate on the Java platform at a regular six-month cadence, keeping Java vibrant and relevant for enterprises and developers throughout the world.

Java Webcast Series

Join us each month to hear the latest updates, innovations, and best practices directly from the Oracle Java experts who write, maintain, and support the code.

Watch on demand: Oracle Developer Live–Java Innovations

Learn all about Java 17, the latest long-term-support release of the Java platform. Stay up to date by listening to the keynote, technical sessions, demos, panels, and Q&A with industry experts.

Oracle Java SE Subscription features

Manage Java SE installations across the enterprise more cost effectively. Oracle Java SE Subscription and Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription combine licensing and support into a simple, single subscription.

Java Management Service

Discover, monitor, and manage your Java environment with this powerful new Oracle Cloud service, wherever your Java is running—on-premises or in the cloud. Know which Java versions are installed and which versions are being used—all in a single pane of glass.

GraalVM Enterprise entitlement—at no additional cost

Take advantage of the high-performance runtime with new compiler optimizations that improve microservices deployment, on-premises and in the cloud.

Benefits of Java SE Subscription

Protect your investment with Java SE licensing and support for desktop, server and cloud deployments.
Your subscription includes the following:

  • Access to performance, stability, and security updates directly from Oracle
  • Access to several Oracle Java SE versions past end of public updates
  • Oracle Java SE 8 and 7 enterprise management, monitoring, and deployment features
  • Access to critical bug fixes before they are included in publicly available releases
  • Simple monthly subscription pricing
  • Access to Oracle Java SE 8 and 7 commercial features
  • Around-the-clock support in 27 languages for fast fixes and mission-critical applications
  • Includes Java Management Service
  • Includes entitlement to GraalVM Enterprise at no additional cost

Discover how much your enterprise can save

Instead of spending time and money upgrading every six months, customers can reduce overall costs by managing their Java estate with a Java SE Subscription. Recent survey results from Java SE Subscription customers have shown cost savings of approximately 30% over a four-year period.

Manage your Java investment with greater flexibility

As shorter development cycles become the norm, having the most recent Java releases can help get new application features and updates to market faster. Java SE Subscription manages Java SE desktop, server and cloud deployments with timely updates and upgrades across the enterprise, supporting multiple versions of Java—including the free version.

Experienced support to meet enterprise needs

Take advantage of 24/7/365 Java support, from the stewards of Java. Our support team members have more than 15 years of Java experience, and work alongside the developers who write most of the code. Supporting only Java, they prioritize customer bug fix requests and help customers tune their Java deployments for maximum performance.

Supported by Oracle

Oracle supports millions of members of one of the largest, global Java communities and ecosystems. By encouraging, funding, and amplifying community participation, the Java platform stays modern and vibrant.

Get the latest Java release

Create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications with new releases of the Java platform every six months. Learn about the many new features of the latest long-term support release, Java 17.


Global innovation with Java

Travel technology provider, Sabre keeps the world moving with the help of Oracle Java SE Subscription. Sabre connects travel suppliers with buyers on a very large scale. In moving applications off the mainframe and deploying with Java, Sabre was able to take advantage of the rich libraries and frameworks Java provides and focus its efforts on core competencies.

Java SE Subscription customer use cases

  • Oracle Java SE licensing and support

    “Java SE Subscription gives you the tools to better understand system resource utilization and the effects of application runtime optimizations. Specifically, it also provides information about application performance, allows you to configure application settings, and performs runtime optimizations” – Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios

    Read the complete review

  • Peace of mind with regular critical patch updates

    “It's nice to have a consistent library of any version of the JDK whenever we need it. I believe that the real advantage to the Oracle Java SE Subscription is that it is regularly kept up to date and it is easy to get notifications of the patch notes between versions and be alerted to any major security issues in older versions. This helps build a business case for why upgrades are worth maintaining in our development system.” – Information technology and services company

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  • Perfect for any Java enterprise platform

    “For the software department, the subscription fits the needs of our business operations especially well by providing Java Mission Control to monitor and manage our applications.” - Serimmune Inc. (Biotechnology)

    Read the complete review

  • A designer’s weapon of choice

    “Java is ubiquitous in the programming world. With such a widespread network of developers and support content, it is an obvious choice for core product development.”

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  • Great for international corporations

    “The Oracle Java SE Subscription is used heavily across our organization to support our Java client support needs. It provides timely updates and solves several issues, such as simplified billing and support for cloud deployments. Access to around-the-clock support is also very useful to international organizations since that allows for support relative to any office's time zone.” - Midsize automotive company

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

Announcing Java 17

Sharat Chander, Director, Java SE Product Management

Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of Java 17, the eighth feature release and next long-term support release as part of Java’s six-month release cadence. This predictable release schedule offers a steady stream of innovations and allows developers to manage the adoption of new features more easily.

Read the complete post



Java SE Subscription pricing

GraalVM Enterprise licensing and support is included in Oracle Cloud and Java SE Subscription at no additional cost.

Other Java SE products

Oracle’s Java SE Advanced, Java SE Advanced Desktop, and Java SE Suite products have transitioned to Java SE Subscription to provide more flexibility. Customers who have Java SE Advanced, Java SE Advanced Desktop, Java SE Suite, and/or use Oracle Java SE with an Oracle product will continue to receive support and updates as usual. New or existing customers who want commercial Java SE licenses and support can now choose Java SE Subscription or Java SE Desktop Subscription.


We want to hear from you

We welcome customer feedback. Help peers in other enterprises understand how Java SE Subscription benefits your organization.

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Manage Java SE installations, updates, and upgrades across your enterprise more cost effectively.

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