CAP Program - Compatibility And Performance

The Oracle CAP Program is a collaborative effort between Oracle and partners to evaluate early-access builds of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) against members’ applications. The program works to bring in members who have specialized configurations and applications that can expand the testing of the Java Platform. In order to ensure the level of participation, the program is focused on those that can test on a regular basis. We encourage the Java community as a whole to continue to perform early access testing through OpenJDK’s early access builds of upcoming JDK release and updates and follow OpenJDK's bug reporting channels.

CAP Member Participation

CAP members are selected as from those that are able to run a representative set of tests against the builds we provide and provide feedback on the readiness of the releases. The releases encompass both feature releases as well as updates and may involve validating new features or ensuring that regressions (both functional and performance) are not introduced.

CAP Member Benefits

CAP members are provided with early access releases and summaries as to the changes that have been made and the type of testing required. Members will be able to access a full-time Oracle developer to help evaluate and prioritize issues identified through CAP testing.

What the CAP Program is Not

This program is not a general purpose developer support program. It cannot offer help in the design and coding of your applications. The primary focus of the program is identifying bugs that occur on the new release of Jave SE that did not occur on older versions. The second focus is ensuring the correctness of enhancements, such as performance improvements.

How to Sign Up

Most developers should obtain the early access releases from and communicate on the appropriate JDK list. If you are willing to actively test all builds and collaborate with Oracle, please contact your Oracle representative for details.

Membership Requirements

In order to be considered for the CAP program, companies must:

  • Have Oracle Java SE Subscription or an legacy contract for either Oracle Java SE Advanced or Oracle Java SE Suite.
  • Be willing and able to actively test applications against all builds, including modifying applications for testing. Testing includes compilation, packaging, and program deployment and execution.
  • Sign a non disclosure agreement obtained through their Oracle representative.
  • Agree to confidentiality requirements set forth for early-access builds.