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Advertising makes a difference. Set yourself apart by taking advantage of one of the many advertising opportunities at JavaOne.

To find out how you can advertise, please contact Diane Frendian, diane.frendian@oracle.com or +1.650.506.5495.








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Online Opportunities

Homepage Sponsor Spotlight Panel

Homepage Sponsor Spotlight Panel

The newly redesigned JavaOne homepage features five exciting graphic panels that can be accessed by simply scrolling down the page. We’re making only one of these panels available to a single sponsor who wants the opportunity to spotlight their brand in this unique and visually compelling way, receiving hundreds of thousands of views!


  • Panel headline, sponsor logo, and/or large branding image (subject to Oracle approval) featured in the Spotlight panel
  • Brief supporting copy (subject to Oracle approval) placed below the headline or logo
  • A call-to-action link will be placed below the copy, taking people to a URL of the partner’s choice

Online Footer Banner

Online Footer Banner

The online footer banner appears at the bottom of ALL JavaOne conference web pages; these pages collectively receive hundreds of thousands of page views during the months before, during, and after the conference. The conference site is “Web Central” for attendees, prospects, partners, user group members from around the world, and anyone else interested in learning about or attending this Java flagship conference. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your brand to such an engaged and interested audience!


  • Sponsor advertisement will appear as a banner in the conference footer
  • Banner will contain a link to the a URL of the sponsor’s choice
  • The Online Footer Banner sponsor is unique—no other sponsor will be able to take advantage of this opportunity

Partner Spotlight

Get your company’s brand and messaging in front of tens of thousands of conference attendees both before, during, and after the event.


  • Sponsor logo featured along with brief supporting copy and a link leading to a web location of your choice (subject to Oracle approval)

JavaOne Homepage Video Panel

JavaOne Homepage Video Panel

Visualize great brand exposure by sponsoring the homepage video panel. Videos on websites tend to get a lot of views, so a page featuring videos is where you want to be, both as a page sponsor and with the opportunity to get one of your company’s videos into the mix.


  • Homepage video panel has a single brand sponsor
  • “Sponsored by” and company logo are displayed next to the panel title
  • Partner video (subject to Oracle approval) can be included in the video carousel

Sponsored Announcements

Sponsored Announcements - A la Carte Opportunity

Oracle will post up to three messages per day on the mobile app live news feed. Your posts will be listed among real-time feed updates and can include session promotions, booth drivers and images.

For more information on advertising opportunities and to discuss the right opportunity for you, please contact Diane Frendian, diane.frendian@oracle.com or +1.650.506.5495.